Dinner and a movie? Boring! Check out these unique Valentine’s Day dates


Elyssa Abbott

The true meaning of Valentine’s Day, showing appreciation towards a loved one, can present itself through even the smallest gesture. “I think Valentine’s Day has turned into a materialistic event instead of the focus being on the appreciation of a relationship, which can be achieved just by gifting flowers or candy,” sophomore Lillian Southall said.

Elyssa Abbott, Reporter, Photographer

Valentine’s Day, a day meant to bring couples together, usually brings them an enormous amount of stress instead. Worrying about what to buy one’s significant other or where to take him or her on a special day can ruin the true spirit of the holiday. For some Valentine’s Day participants, thinking of a unique date, one more personal and creative than the typical dinner and movie, on which to take one’s Valentine creates an unnecessary struggle.

“I think Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to showing your boyfriend or girlfriend how much you love them by doing a little extra for them than you already do,” sophomore Lillian Southall said.

Located in Atlanta, the Cook’s Warehouse makes the perfect Valentine’s Day date by treating one’s boyfriend or girlfriend to a cooking class. If cooking fails to steam things up, a painting class could also make for a fantastic date. Painting with a Twist will offer a date night painting class on February 14th. To relax with one’s Valentine, one could take him or her to Launch Awareness to try out aerial yoga.

Since Valentine’s Day takes place in the colder months of the year, one could warm up next to one’s date with a bonfire and s’mores. Even building a fort in the living room or placing blankets and pillows in the back of a car to stare at the stars can make Valentine’s Day special for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

“This Valentine’s Day, I plan on going on a picnic with my boyfriend or making a fort and watching movies in it,” Southall said.

If the idea of a dinner and movie seems appealing, one could still spice it up by setting a theme for the night, such as watching Lady and the Tramp while sharing a bowl of spaghetti. To make a boring dinner date exciting, turn it into a “progressive dinner.” Eat appetizers at one restaurant, eat entrees at another, and finish with dessert at a third.

For couples who enjoy adventure, the overrated hiking date might seem like a go-to. Instead, though, the danger-loving duo might want to put their heads together in an escape room or solve a mystery at Agatha’s A Taste of Mystery. Sky Zone or Jumping World also make for the perfect lively date with an endless amount of trampolines.

Although the easily disgruntled may hate the hype around Valentine’s Day, the excitement of showing one’s appreciation to a loved one can trump the cheesiness of the holiday if one thinks outside the box.