I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!


Esteban Alarcon

Freshman Lorenzo Alarcon looks good, feels good, and tells himself that he will execute his performance at the NC band concert with excellence. Reminding yourself of your greatness and creating successful, effective habits creates the foundation of pure confidence. “I believe in myself. I know I am succeeding and will continue to succeed. I have a habit of winning,” Alarcon said.

Esteban Alarcon, Copy Editor

The question “will they like me” shifts into the affirmation “I like me” when pure and intentional confidence becomes a part of one’s day-to-day mentality. Circumstances, emotions, and external forces must not dictate confidence, rather, concrete habits and self-actualization will yield this mental state that the human condition strives to obtain.

“Fix your posture.” Mom said.

Though the manifestation of confidence largely begins within the mind, adopting physical habits that encourage self-love and assurance will contribute to the process of developing a healthy mentality. Shoulders back. Chin up. Chest out. This advice, when put in layman terms, may seem quite superficial and redundant, however, the importance of good posture not only reinforces one’s self-image, but also emits radiant energy of authority, assurance, and confidence.

Show off those pearly whites.

When given an opportunity to smile, make sure to do so. In interviews, first impressions, presentations, or common conversations, a comfortable smile not only establishes a welcoming presence, but it also benefits mental health. Joy, uninfluenced by circumstance, contributes to the pillars of true confidence. Smiling will emulate joy from within, consequently reassuring oneself and promoting confidence. Additionally, smiling will disarm any awkward or difficult social barriers, such as intimidation or shyness.

I am awesome because I did (insert accomplishment here).

Anxiety and over-analyzation of past failures can trouble the average high school student, depriving them of potential progress towards confidence. Instead of focusing on failure, focus on success. Obtaining self-assurance by reminiscing on an accomplishment can replicate this feeling of success and guide the individual towards the manifestation of consistent confidence, not just circumstantial confidence.  

Look good. Feel good.

Taking care of the body through fitness, hygiene, and style creates habits of self-care, which will breed confidence. Additionally, the social impact that presentable and admirable attire has can better reflect the confidence someone feels.

These four simple tips will not immediately create mastery of self-love and confidence, rather, they will stimulate new habits that create the foundation of pure confidence. The confidence, joy, and peace that the human mind strives to achieve do not depend on circumstances, people, or outside energies—the purity of these mindsets derive from their intrinsic origin. Do not ask yourself, “Will they like me?” Tell yourself, “I like me.”