Music festival season approaches


Tara Anastasoff

While students anxiously look forward to Music Midtown in September, there are still smaller festivals in the spring and summer season that they can attend and enjoy. “Music Midtown was such an experience, I want to go back already,” junior Ashley Skaggs said.

Lainey Devlin, Reporter, Photographer

With the warmer days ahead, students eagerly look forward to something besides just the weather. Music festival season, a time to socialize and listen to your favorite bands performing live lies just around the corner.

“Music festivals are the best concert experience in my opinion. I love when several artists I like are in the lineup so I can jam out to all my favorite songs. It’s also really cool to listen to artists I’ve never heard before; I usually end up finding someone I really like,” junior Ashley Skaggs said.

The choice of music festivals students may attend this season showcase a wide variety of options for every music lover out there.

courtesy of Shaky Knees Festival
Students statewide look forward to the Shaky Knees’ lineup this year, which contains popular artists such as Tame Impala and Cage the Elephant and will perform on May 3-5. Held in Georgia’s Central Park, the near $200 tickets are a deal for the three days of fun.

Shaky Knees

Just around the corner, Shaky Knees music festival offers popular alternative rock music and a variety of food options. This year at the festival, popular headliners such as Cage the Elephant, Tame Impala, Tears for Fears, and Grouplove promise a thrilling experience.

“I’m excited to go because I have a few friends going, and it will be nice because it is not the normal music I listen to, so it will be cool to hear new bands and meet new people,” junior Katie Word said.

Shaky Knees will take place in Atlanta, GA in Central Park May 3-5, and three-day tickets will sell for $189.

Shaky Beats

Headliners this year, Martin Garrix, Fisher, San Holo, Gryffin, Snakehips, and Party Favor provide an exciting, electronic hip-hop music festival option for students to explore.  A contrasting vibe to Shaky Knees, but held in the same location on May 10-11, Shaky Beats sells slightly cheaper tickets at $129.

Atlanta Jazz Festival

The Atlanta Jazz Festival,  a festival characterized by the friendly people present, centers around a more classic, but equally fantastic genre. Jazz, a music genre characterized by improvisation and rich tone, creates the perfect backdrop for a group of students to hang out in Atlanta. The event will take place in Piedmont Park on May 25-26 and offers the most cost-effective option and markets as free to the public.

Tunes from the Tombs

Tunes from the Tombs offers a unique experience to any student wanting something different than the average music festival. From a grave location to a groovy one, Oakland Cemetery will host 40+ of the most popular local bands in Atlanta by combining an eager audience with a slightly less lively one. Students can attend this unique festival on  June 9, 2019, for $10.

Isabella Keaton
Music festivals also provide an opportunity to socialize and have fun with friends, seniors Esteban Alarcon and Sam Barnhart enjoy great music and company. “[Music festivals] are fun because you get to meet so many people and make so many memories in only one weekend,” Barnhart said.
Listed above, four of the most popular music festivals coming up this spring and summer season give students options to hear their favorite bands and discover new artists. However, with more indie and less well-known options, everyone can find their niche music festival. NC students eagerly look forward to music festival season and the warmer weather that comes with it.