NC Warriors triumph over McEachern Indians


Lainey Devlin

Magnet junior Andrew Martinez darts to first base, attempting a hit for the Warriors. “I think we played clean baseball both offensively and defensively, which looked really good and makes us a top competitor in the state. Our ability to work as a team is great and helps us bring each other up too,” Martinez said.

Lainey Devlin, Reporter, Photographer

The winning streak for the NC varsity warriors continued on Tuesday, March 12 as they took on the McEachern Indians at home. The Indians’ record of two wins, eight losses pales in comparison to the eight wins, one loss of the Warriors. The Indians represent the 6th win in NC’s streak, and also represent the first win and game of region play for the Warriors.

“Region play is the best baseball out there, nothing is more intense and exciting. Every single play matters, so you have to give it your all,” Magnet junior Andrew Martinez said.

The game began with NC gaining a run in the first inning from the Indians’ pitcher, walking three batters. Excited fans watched as the Warriors kept their lead for the rest of the first and all of the second inning.

The top of the third inning started out with the Indians gaining a run on the Warriors, bringing the score to a tie at 1-1. When the Warriors transitioned to offense, sophomore Trevor Lovett scored a run off of a double and a dead ball, breaking the tie and bringing the score to 2-1.

Lainey Devlin
Sophomore Trevor Lovett lined up to bat before scoring a run for the Warriors off of a double and a dead ball. “I hope we play as good as we are for the rest of the season and hopefully win the region,” sophomore Trevor Lovett said.

Junior Nathan Williams strengthened the Warriors’ lead by scoring a run in the bottom of the fourth inning, comforting and reassuring fans and players of the team’s imminent success. With the score at 3-1, the Warriors, careful to not become too cocky, continued to play hard. The Indians remained unsuccessful in their attempts to score a run, as Magnet junior Josh Dixon hit a double and kept the rally going.

After an uneventful top of the fifth inning, senior starting pitcher Jonathan Young scored a home run for the Warriors and brought the score to 4-1, earning roaring cheers from the crowd.

“I had two strikes on me and I just took a curveball, so I knew he was coming back with the fastball. I took a swing and the bat did the rest,” Young said.

An unexpected climax occurred when the McEachern batter hit a ball that bounced back into one of the stadium lights— shattering it and scattering glass everywhere. After cleaning up the field, the game resumed, a minor inconvenience in the eyes of the players.

Following the excitement of the shattered light, Young struck out the side of the Indians, securing another win for the Warriors.

Lainey Devlin
“Even though McEacherns’ record isn’t as great as ours, you still have to be prepared. They played better than we were expecting, so we had a tough first inning, but we adjusted and secured a win,” Magnet sophomore Harry Ford said. Ford, along with the rest of the team, hope for the best for the rest of the season.

A win in the first region game of the season holds significance to the Warriors and gives them newfound confidence moving forward with their sixth win in a row, an admirable addition to their streak.

“Region play is different because all these teams are your biggest rivals, and you want to put as many runs on them as possible and win by as big of a margin as you can,” Young said.

The Warriors hope for a seventh win when they play the McEachern Indians again in away games Wednesday, March 13 and Friday, March 15, before taking on the Marietta Blue Devils next week in their second week of region play.