Hawks soared as Warriors fell


Julyana Ayache

The defense worked hard to try and prevent the Hillgrove Hawks from scoring. The Lady Warriors played hard but walked off the field with a loss of 0-6. As the girls applied full effort towards Tuesday night’s game, the team stands proud of their skills and prepares to work even harder. “I thought that even though we lost, we bounced back from last game. We communicated and connected a lot more this game, but there are some things I still need to work on as an individual and that would impact the team,” sophomore striker Helena Chea said.

Julyana Ayache, Reporter, Photographer

Girls Varsity soccer went head to head with the Hillgrove Hawks on Tuesday, March 19. The Warriors played intensely but sadly lost the game 0-6.

The Warrior’s defense started the game off strong, guarding their goal with speedy footwork against the Hawks. One minute into the game, freshman and goalie Reagan Schooler made a strong save assisting the defensive line. Then, less than five minutes into the game, the Hawks scored, making the score 0-1.

“We obviously lost, but it wasn’t as bad as last time. We went in with the thought that it would be a tough game, but we knew we had to step forward. I feel like we worked as a team, and you can’t blame any position specifically,” Captain and center back and senior Julia Snyder said.

With equal possession at the 50-yard line, Snyder carried the ball but missed the goal too far to the right. Ten minutes into the game, with the Hawks in the lead, 0-3, the Warriors regained possession of the offensive line. Swing player and sophomore Jocelyn Pacol shot a clear line from the 15-yard line, but the Hawks goalie reacted quickly, making a save.

“I think we could have recovered more, and I feel like people were getting tired and giving up after the score was so high, but as a team, I feel like we win even if we lose,” Snyder said.

In the second half of the game, the Hawks maintained their lead, and ten minutes into the second half, the Hawks scored, bringing the score to 0-5. Shortly after, sophomore Helena Chea made her way around the Hawks’ defense, making an attempt to score a goal but missed, with another save by the Hawks’ goalie. By the ending minutes of the game, the Hawks made their final shot, leaving the score 0-6, and the Warriors walked off the field with a heavy loss.

The Warriors keep their hopes high as they move on to their next game at North Paulding on Thursday, hoping to take home a win and bring the proper winning spirit back onto NC’s field.

They played aggressively against a very strong team that is winning region. We’re focusing on winning our next three seeds in the region for the upcoming playoffs,” Coach Cortes said.