Varisty parkour comes to NC’s railings and walls


Elyssa Abbott

As Ore practices intensely for upcoming tryouts, she utilizes every obstacle in her path. On an average walk to class, she slides down the railing to increase her efficiency and continue training. “What can I say? Parkour runs through my veins. I did not choose this sport, the sport chose me,” Ore said.

Elyssa Abbott, Reporter, Photographer

Starting next school year, NC will add competitive parkour to the extensive list of sports offered. For those unaware of the fierce sport, parkourists aim to go from one point to another using the obstacles in their path to increase efficiency. NC’s competitive parkour team will exist as the first in Cobb County.

Parkourists will compete with others all over Georgia that share the same passion of jumping over trash cans and sliding down railings. Matches will consist of three courses, each increasing in difficulty. Judges will rate each participant on efficiency, creativity, and overall smoothness. Only elite parkourists will advance to the final course, typically consisting of obstacles such as stairs and thin rails.

The best parkourists in the world started their journey at young ages by jumping off of the stairs at the last two steps and sliding down railings in school. Their intense drive for the sport encouraged to practice for the mental and physical discipline.

“I am just ready to show my talents on the course that I have trained for since third grade. Many do not understand that parkour is more than just jumping off of a box. It is a philosophy and a way of life. It is believing in your heart that there is not an obstacle in life too difficult to parkour over,” freshman Parker Ore said.

Along with the addition of the new sport, the administration recently decided to build a separate parkour gym. They recognized the difficulty of the sport and the excessive training parkourists dedicate to this discipline. The gym will come equipped with the best ramps and walls to perfect their moves. Administration also discussed giving the football locker room to the parkour team once completely assembled.

“I truly think it’s time for football to be moved out of the spotlight and parkour to get their time to shine. I can hardly wait to see the young men and women of NC parkouring,” Principal Moody said.

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