One Direction headed south with their new country album


Nati Duron

One Direction wore cowboy hats at their recent album release party to commemorate the transition of pop music to country music. Country’s the Only Direction will include twelve boot-tapping songs, and the band could not feel more excited for the world to hear the new One Direction. “I have waited so long for us to become country. It truly is the only direction we should take. The world will be wearing cowboy boots and ride tractors in no time because of us,” band member Niall Horan said.

Nati Duron, Reporter, Photographer

The X-Factor-born boy-band One Direction performed on stage for the last time four years ago, causing worldwide teenage heartbreak after announcing a hiatus at the time. Fans hoped for a new album, new song, or just anything to fill the void in their hearts from no One Direction music. After band member Zayn Malik left, the group disassembled, and each member released music individually. After four years of silence, all five boys finally decided to rejoin the music industry as one. Although the group sang upbeat pop music, for their sixth album, One Direction chose to release a country album entitled Country’s the Only Direction on April 1.

Directioners found themselves in shock and disbelief that their beloved idols would make such a drastic switch. Their last five albums consisted of pop-rock tunes that created all-time jams that fans would sing to forever. But with the recent news, a number of fans chose to leave the fandom, while other devoted fans seem ready for a new genre with the band.

“I hate country music, but I love One Direction. I’m torn because there is nothing more horrible and disgusting than country music, and I have always adored the tunes One Direction has produced. How can do they this to their devoted fans? We waited four years, and I know we wished for anything, but this is not what we meant. Country music is the worst, so I am ashamed of my boys,” country singer and Directioner Blake Shelton said.

The album consists of twelve square-dancing songs, most of which come from their old songs that turned into stereotypical country puns. The song Steal My Tractor, for example, comes from Steal My Girl, but this time includes lyrics that talk about how much the band loves tractors. Embarrassed and opinionated, Directioners believe the band should take another direction with their new music.

“I guess everyone needs to go through a country phase,” singer Taylor Swift said.

One Direction recently announced that they would go back on tour, naming it “British Boys and Banjos.” The world tour will begin in the summer of 2020, and tickets will go on presale a week after the album’s release. Preorder Country’s the Only Direction today to hear exclusive unreleased songs and prepare for an album that will shake some boots.  

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