Say ‘Cheerio’ to school lunches


Julyana Ayache, Reporter, Photographer

Since 1941, Cheerios, the original face brand of cereal, have made their mark on grocery shelves worldwide, but now, the one of a kind brand should take its next crucial leap to the school cafeterias nationwide. Cheerios make up a part of a healthy diet that no teacher could ever imagine. Bringing a variety of Cheerios to NC’s lunch lines claims an increase in health benefit towards students and staff, while keeping the lunch menu up to date, fun, and fresh!

“Cheerios are great any time of day, and to have that option at school just excites me. I don’t understand why NC hasn’t done this. There has got to be a big change in our school’s food department, and I think this is it,” Assistant Principal Kiel Southwell said.

Cheerios provide health benefits that sources do not brag about often. Cheerios contain an unspeakable amount of nutrients that keep the human body thriving and energized. With a variety of flavors, no one leaves the line unsatisfied. With 16 flavors available, each box consists of unbelievable benefits.

“Cheerios are a lot of fun, and people do not realize how beneficial they are health-wise. It’s time to break the typical school lunch stereotype,” English teacher Lindsay Theaker said.  

Multiple studies prove Cheerios’ superiority inside the food groups. According to the US Health Department, Cheerios possess the capability to enhance students’ thinking process by 76 percent. As followed by a conducted experiment, students who ate Cheerios three times a day were accepted into Ivy League Schools, and continued into a six-digit salary career to the future, while the students who consumed a “balanced” diet proceeded to lead an unsuccessful lifestyle.

“Cheerios have not once failed us, and they never get old,” sophomore Leigh Smith said.

Through positive judgment, students hope to transform school lunches into an all-day breakfast line-up. Cheerios not only make the morning sweet, but they also possess the capability of making your day even sweeter.

Happy April Fool’s, you fool!


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