Warrior Perspectives: “If I were the new Hawks owner…”


Emmett Schindler, Reporter

After all the commotion in Atlanta, Bruce Levenson, the Hawks owner, stepped down due to controversy surrounding the racist email he sent in 2012. Now is the time for the Hawks to find a new face to lead their organization. I asked North Cobb students how they would choose the new Hawks owner.

“If I were the new Hawks owner, I’d bring a championship culture, I would expect a lot from the team. My focus would be all on the players and fans. I would make sure not to make any controversial statements,” sophomore Ben Hays said.

Sophomore Kenny Coch echoed this sentiment. He claimed, “I would hold a press conference saying that everyone is welcome to the Hawks game and policies will be enforced no matter what race or gender.”

The recurring theme remains that the students want to ensure a controversy-free atmosphere and that all races and genders are accepted.

“I would make sure the main focus would be to score in the paint. We need to get more physical with big teams this year and prove we’re contenders. When we do shoot the ball, Kyle Korver should be the main target,” senior Owen Borawski said.

Other students believe the main focus should be the actual play.

“We should pass the ball more and find the best shot to take in every situation. After every possession we need to hustle right back to defense and force as many turnovers as possible,” senior Hunter Clark said.

Sadly, none of these North Cobb students can actually be the owner, even despite their promising ideas. Hopefully before the season begins they can figure out who will take the vacant reigns as the Atlanta owner.