5 tips for staying motivated through the end of the school year (We know; it’s hard.)


Tara Anastasoff

Using sticky notes to make quick to-do lists or offer words of encouragement can make the end of the year slug just a bit more manageable.

Tara Anastasoff, Editor-in-Chief, Photo Editor

With the end of the school year comes severe cases of senioritis, the burning desire to sleep for 50 years, and the last few final tests. However, with these five tips, overcoming the end-of-the-year slump lies just within reach. Only five more Mondays separate you from teacher’s seemingly never-ending workload and the carefree days sitting poolside—you can do this.

Make time for creativity

Balancing four-page essays with much-needed time to let the mind wander can sometimes feel like a daunting task. The “burned-out” state of mind can overpower the desire to create, but studies show that creating art and opening up the mind to creative outlets (painting, drawing, and writing) releases dopamine and reduces stress. Dedicating a short half hour to doodling in a journal or writing a blog post can relieve stress and help you regain focus when you return to homework.

Obtain a planner, make to do lists, and stick to them

When it feels like due dates and projects swarm around your head, take the initiative to write down these assignments into a daily planner or calendar. By seeing these due dates written down, it will ensure you never walk into class and feel your heart skip a beat when your friend asks if you studied for the test. Furthermore, creating daily to-do lists on index cards or sticky notes offers a chance to break down projects into more manageable tasks and decrease the potential to leave everything until the night before.

Enlist one of your friends as an accountability partner

Chances are, your classmates feel the overwhelming pressure of the end of the school year as well. Talk to friends about creating a group chat to remind each other of due dates and check in with each other on studying progress. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people who also want to earn an A in the class, you will feel more inclined to do well and stay on top of your work.

Plan outings on weekends to look forward to

Luckily, the weekend presents a time to rest and recharge. While some students use this time to make progress (or catch up) on their homework, make plans with friends to leave your room and foray into the real world. With spring in full swing, festivals, events, and parks offer endless activities to enjoy the weekend and reset just in time for the following week. By making exciting plans with friends, having an event at the end of the week to look forward to makes it just a bit easier to push through the swamp of quizzes and assignments.

Know that in the end, everything is temporary

A reminder: the stress and feelings of “I can’t do this” do not last forever.  Push through the procrastination and know that the work you complete will help increase your knowledge and ultimately help you achieve success. With high school only lasting four years, use this time to learn about yourself and explore new interests—and try not to stress out too much, just take it one day at a time.