Love + Fear: Marina returns


photo courtesy of Marina

Marina released her jaw-dropping album LOVE + FEAR after a four-year hiatus. Fnas continue to listen to her album in hopes to learn about the various emotions that follow love and fear. After a week of its release, the album peaked at #28 on Billboard 200.

Nati Duron, Reporter, Photographer

Marina, formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds, came out of her four-year musical hiatus to release her anticipated album LOVE + FEAR on April 26. The “How to be a Heartbreaker,” singer hinted at a new album since last year when she collaborated with Luis Fonsi and Clean Bandit on “Baby,” and announced its release back in March. Marina’s fans rejoiced at her new album that revolves around the contradicting but powerful emotions that come with love and fear.

In the time she took away from music, Marina focused on studying psychology, which became the main inspiration for LOVE + FEAR. In an album trailer, Marina explained that every emotion humans feel comes from love and fear and that those two emotions dictate our feelings and actions. Marina made this known creating two separate albums and joining them, adding eight optimistic and happy songs to Love and eight pessimistic and angsty songs to Fear. The mix creates a beautiful balance of the two battling emotions.

Marina decided to release the Love album first as a surprise on April 4. The album’s first song “Handmade Heaven,” showcased a glimpse into Marina’s new persona when it became first released on February 8. With lyrics emphasizing the beauty of nature and love for greenery, fans instantly knew this era for Marina would become her best. Along the theme of the environment and world peace, “Orange Trees,” and “To be Human,” discuss the need for humans to start loving and caring for issues to make the world a better place.

“I think Marina’s comeback was much needed. Her album talks about important topics that people need to hear. She put so much dedication and thought into LOVE +

FEAR and she cannot go unheard. Every song is so beautiful and I’m so proud of her,” senior Anna Vickery said.

The Fear album takes a turn down a dark path with the first song, “Believe in Love,” which shifts the mood of the complete album towards anxiety. Using striking beats, the song talks about the struggles of not accepting love. Other songs like “Karma,” and “No More Suckers,” use the concept of revenge to talk about moving on from people who have done harm. Through the help of “Emotional Machine,” Marina embodies the same mood of her past albums and instantly the song become a favorite among fans.

Though on the Fear album, “Soft to be Strong” became the complete album’s perfect example of using love to conquer fear. Marina sings about realizing that to strengthen your perception of a good life, one must become sensitive and soft. She addresses that becoming kind does not equal weakness, and the blend models Marina’s message with Love + Fear.

Marina recently announced a “Love + Fear” world tour and began in Newcastle, England on April 30. She will tour North America in September, and fans began to buy tickets as soon as she released the news. Listen to her album today to know the similarities and differences between love and fear.

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