SkillsUSA competes in Perry at the GA National Fairgrounds


Submitted by Mr. Barcarse

The competitive members of the NC SkillsUSA chapter take part in various skilled events on the Perry, Georgia fairgrounds.

Nneoma Igwedibie, Photographer

North Cobb’s SkillsUSA Chapter attended the annual SkillsUSA Champions Rally at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, Georgia on the morning of Friday, October 10.

“I enjoy these rallies and conferences because we are given the opportunity to showcase our individual talents in fun, but intensely competitive trials,” Alexandra Medina, junior Skills member, said.

The Champions Rally kicked off Friday morning where over 80 SkillsUSA chapters from around the state gathered for inspiration, competition, and fun. Other leadership clubs from schools around Georgia also took part in this action packed day.

To start the day, the groups gathered for a rally held on the fairgrounds to create excitement for the events to come. The rally followed by a motivational speaker, a former Skills member himself.

“With this being the first year for me as a SkillsUSA member, the speaker inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and compete at my highest ability,” junior Sami Reed, first time Skills member, said.

Teams later entered competitions varying from Chapter Recruitment Poster to Career Pathway Display. Those who competed received the chance of prize money up to a hundred dollars. They put their talents to the test and displayed their methods of collaboration.

Later on in the day, carnival rides opened for all the delegates to relax and have fun. They mingled with other schools, discussing the importance of leadership and dwelling in their love for their clubs.

“My first SkillsUSA rally turned out greater than expected, not just to me but also by the rest of my fellow delegates, and the future seems pretty bright for yet another to come,” senior Travis Edwards said.

The time soon came when the rallying conference concluded, with the Skills members reveling in their contest wins, taking positive messages from the motivational day, and awaiting yet another years’ rally.