Unraveling Drake’s “Care Package”


Peyton Stack

Drake’s newest album, Care Package, includes a unique but simple black cover but with an antique Bentley Coupe [not the vehicle depicted here]. “Spending all my days on the east side, oh. Forgetting who I was on the other side” (“Days in the East”), Drake brings up a collection of social and emotional problems within each song.

Peyton Stack, Staff

Hours before the arrival of Care Package, Drake announced via Instagram that the 17 song tracklist commemorates a special time in early 2010 Hip-hop. Care Package, accompanied by nostalgic rhythms and choruses that early Drake listeners have held dear to their hearts, released on August 2.

Giving this album its first listen, current Drake fans may find an unusual sound brought forth by sappy tones and meaningful lyrics, but given that this album includes songs from Drake’s earlier years, original listeners could find excitement in hearing these same songs that supplied their own taste in music during their own youth. 

Care Package, a follow up to his 2018 album Scorpion, perfectly demonstrates both Drake’s evolvement in his music, and his will to continually maintain a unique sound. After an extremely successful 2018 with songs such as “God’s Plan” and “Nice For What” reaching number 1 on the Billboard charts, Drake supplied listeners with a deliberate, retro project that provided exactly what his fans craved. 

“It’s like every time I touch it I could never do no wrong. 

When they need a favor from you, man, they don’t leave you alone. 

But I guess that’s just the motion, yeah,” (“The Motion”)

Drake introduces each song with his unique voice and signature “yeah” over steady claps and high hats, complemented with intriguing choruses. In songs such as “Trust Issues” and “Days in the East”, listeners could easily relate to the pain and sorrow Drake depicts. Song after song, listeners can connect to similar experiences and problems that Drake highlights throughout the album. 

I’m devoted to making sure that stuff goes unnoticed. 

Swear you people is hopeless. 

I should run a clinic for people that think that they are winning,” (“Jodeci Freestyle”) 

Similar to other Drake albums, Care Package certainly does not disappoint when it comes to collaborations with other artists. Between songs that feature fellow hip hop artists such as J.Cole (“Jodeci Freestyle”), Rick Ross (“Free Spirit”) and vocalist James Fauntleroy (“Girls Love Beyonce”), Drake includes a talented, star studded cast to help strengthen his performance. 

Finished off by the songs “Paris Morton Music” and “Can I”, Drake comes full circle in commemorating his path to stardom, and shows the origin of where he came from. For a kid named Aubrey from Canada, who first became known as “Jimmy Brooks” on the famous show Degrassi, Drake has truly shown how he “started from the bottom”, and rose to become arguably the most creative mind in the Hip-Hop game.  


The Chant’s Grade: A+