North Cobb Public Library: the bittersweet miracle


Madeline Powers

The North Cobb Public Library plans to open its doors within the next two weeks. A bittersweet miracle for the Kennesaw and Acworth areas. While patrons show disappointment in the closing of the libraries they grew up at, they appear excited about a larger working space and more community activities.

Madeline Powers, Copy Editor

The North Cobb Public Library opens September 3, with the open house following two days later on September 5. The demolition of the Kennesaw and Acworth libraries and the hard work of construction workers and Cobb County employees made way for this grand opening. The library itself appears professional and detailed, with a multitude of elements that will contribute to student success, especially at North Cobb.

The new library will contain a lobby/gallery area, a teen center, a makerspace, a kid’s center, a playroom, and an outdoor theatre, as well as a tech learning center, four group study rooms, and two meeting rooms. The large meeting room will cost $25 to use for the desired time of the customer/patron, the small meeting room and group study rooms will only need a reservation depending on the day and time that one needs it. 

Teachers first saw this new library during a pre-opening event on the 7th of August and believed that the students would enjoy and benefit from the different features this library offers. 

“We are very excited about the new public library opening across the street from NC. We think it will be fabulous for the students because of the opportunities presented by the library programs for community involvement and we hope that the students will be able to learn new skills and meet new people within their programs. Also, it is a great space for students to go use their resources for reading or for computers or for whatever research they need after school or on the weekends when we are not available, ”NC Media Specialist Lisa Wheeler said.

Neely Simpson, the children’s activity planner for the new library, believes that the library will come in handy to the thousands of students next door, because of the teen center and the resources the library offers.  She also believes that the children and parents in the area will benefit greatly from the lessons and book readings that they will soon offer. 

“I’m really excited about it [the new library] and we feel like we won the lottery. We got to move into our new dream home. It was a little bittersweet for patrons because the Acworth library and the Kennesaw library had been there since 1967 and so they were really a part of those communities and people have fond memories of growing up in those buildings,” Simpson said.

The North Cobb Public Library plans to host a multitude of events including an annual “Yule Ball,” an event featured in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. They also continue to pursue the addition of a Café in the lobby/gallery area. They hope that the library will thrive in this new building with more space, advanced technology, and a prime location allowing the teenage population that uses the library to grow and prosper.