“Oh my gosh, it’s Josh”


Jennifer Dang

Josh Hollis and close friend Rahel Kefetew take pictures before the football game against Campbell. Both students enjoy spending time together outside of school; Friday games provide them the perfect, positive location they need. “I love being friends and spending time with Josh! He is always so positive and uplifting and brings joy to every conversation we have,” Rahel said.

Estefany Perdomo-Montoya, Staff

Creative posters and colorful advertisements filled NC last year as students prepared to elect their new student government. The student government, also known as Tribal Connections (TC) organize Prom, Homecoming, spirit weeks, community involvement like the Taste of Kennesaw, canned food drives and pep rallies. NC students elected senior Josh Hollis as the student body president of the school year 2019-2020. 

Hollis anxiously waited for student elections because they allowed him to showcase his social skills and creativity. ‘Abraham Lincoln’ styled posters of Hollis became the popular image associated with him last year. Hollis loved the talk his posters generated as the success provided him with the comfort that his outgoing personality would be appreciated. Leadership comes effortlessly to him, he used his understanding of highly effective leaders and applied that to his campaign. 

“I think my surrounding cast of peers influenced me to become class president more than myself. People have believed in me for years, and I love people. I love being social, and I saw nothing wrong with taking a chance to run for office because it would be a great experience either way,” said Hollis.

Hollis radiates a happy and accepting energy when speaking, which became essential during his campaign. His bubbly personality makes any NC student feel heard because of Hollis’ welcoming attitude. Students view him as a happy candidate who made a real effort for their votes. 

“Josh is a person that makes everyone feel welcomed and a valuable part of any activity. I voted for him last year because he came up to me and my friends and introduced himself and personally asked for our votes. The other candidates didn’t put the effort he did they just relied on their friends to share their social media posts,” junior Yamile Farias said.

The happy energy did not end after his campaign; Hollis still influences his peers alongside him. Vice-president, Magnet senior Jenae Gray, appreciates Hollis’ productive attitude to complete tasks. His work ethic encourages her to improve her own. 

“Working with Josh is a dream. The responsibility of a senior class president can be tough. He always keeps a positive attitude which drives me to be just as great as him. Together we make a great team,” Gray said. 

Senior Nathan Lockridge, Hollis’ closest friend, believes Hollis became a role model and a responsible individual through his work in TC. Lockridge acknowledges Hollis’ individual growth and how that made Hollis into someone he could trust and admire.

Josh Hollis
Josh and longtime friend Nathan spend their holiday together in Florida. Both enjoyed their vacation together where they could spend time together with no distractions. The friends take a moment to pose for pictures, pictures like these capture the valuable moments of life they spend together.

“I’ve always looked up to Josh, he’s always been a natural leader and one who you can trust. He’s very determined and I admire him for being such a dependable and self-sufficient person,” Lockridge said.

Anyone who talks to Hollis can agree that they felt listened to and accepted, his positive attitude feeds into his peers. Hollis lights up the room and he sees this as a personal responsibility now. Students feed off of his positive attitude he became the center of happiness at NC.

“The reason I think people may like my personality is that I try to be very social, and very open. Greeting people and making sure you’re positive certainly has a beneficial effect too. I like to be loud, vibrant, and enthusiastic so others can feed off my positive energy,” Hollis said. 

Hollis recognizes his grandmother’s great influence on his work ethic and lifestyle. His admiration for her ability to maintain good habits influenced his productivity, inspiring Hollis to put effort into his work and lifestyle. 

“The most influential person in my life was my grandmother, Maime Rowe. She taught me to always put effort into whatever I do, and be thankful for my experiences or opportunities. I looked up to her in all aspects of life, mentally, spiritually, and physically with her workout routines at her age. Every time I was around her I felt like I was being productive or having a productive conversation because she brought that out of me,” Hollis said.