Warrior Perspectives: Should we celebrate Columbus Day?

Sophia Mapua, Reporter

MACKEY_columbuscartoonSophia Mackey

In 1937, Columbus Day became an official holiday to commemorate Christopher Columbus’ achievements. Some critics, however, claim that Columbus Day remains an undeserving celebration. The Chant surveyed several Warriors, asking for their opinion on the topic.

“We shouldn’t celebrate Columbus Day because he completely missed North America,” said sophomore Hayden Deal.

Senior Shelby Szucs agreed that historical inaccuracy plays a key role in determining whether or not America should continue to recognize Columbus Day.

“Columbus didn’t do anything special. People had already discovered America and all he did was bring diseases to the New World,” she said.

When asked about the slaughtered Native Americans, a few Warriors agreed that Columbus was too aggressive and demanding towards them.

“We should have Leif Erikson Day, since he came to North America first, or Indigenous People’s Day to honor Native Americans,” junior Selena Collins asserted.

While some people believe Columbus offered nothing to the United States, others think the tradition should live on.

Junior Shayla Tiner concluded that Columbus Day holds significance to the point that schools should close. “Other schools have the day off, so why shouldn’t we?” she asked.

However, some Warriors believe that despite Columbus’ barbarity, he still played a key role in the discovery of America.

“I think Columbus Day should be a holiday, because he changed Western history. If Columbus hadn’t discovered America, someone else would have. Also, disease would have come to the continent regardless. History’s greatest people do have their faults, but in this case, the good outweighs the bad,” senior Amon Siddiqi said.