Freedom Church takes it back to Blockbuster


Madeline Powers

Freedom Church creates an atmosphere full of Wookies and Lions, as well as trapeze sets and all the princesses and superheroes featured in Disney films. They bring animation and motion-picture to the level of God, and how these movies can be interpreted at that level. “The [Spider-man] suit was a little tight but I put that aside because it made not only the kids happy but the adults too,” church member Christian Finch said.

Madeline Powers, Copy Editor

Embracing the history of film and bringing the century’s top films to life, Freedom Church’s new Blockbuster series offers decoration and a colorful cast of characters every Wednesday and Sunday. This series, started the first Sunday of October, lets church members celebrate Halloween and look at their favorite movies through the eyes of God, helping them apply the messages in these films to their own lives.

Freedom Church created a large “Hollywood” sign, replicating its real-life counterpart to bring movies to life inside and outside of the building. They feature Jurassic Park, Lion King, and The Greatest Showmen, each with a scene or image of the movie in large-scale models. Once one walks inside the Church, they see a red carpet laid out, walls made of black curtains and movie titles hanging, making one feel like they just walked down a timeline of movies. 

Experiences begin at 8:30, 10, and 11:30 in the morning, with each week highlighting a different film. Dressed up characters greeted people as they walked in and allowed them to see the sights before the experience, increasing excitement about the entire event and series. 

“The experience was like no other, seeing kids’ faces and how we lit up their day was amazing. Being able to become a character brought out my inner child,” KC Tucker said dressed up as Black Panther.

The experience brought a new aspect to Freedom Church that did not exist before. It brought joy and laughter, with God just around the corner. Regulars became excited and joyful, while newcomers saw what church could become.