NC Chorus concert strikes a lovely chord


courtesy of chorus Instagram

NC’s Women’s trio, Women’s Chorus, Men’s Quartet, Warrior Men’s Chorus, Advanced Women’s Chorus and Select A Cappella Choir expressed their talent. At the end of the performance, all the groups came together and performed “Sisi Ni Moja”. “ I feel as if our performance went very well, but I feel as if we could improve more on certain things like keeping a certain pitch, having our cutoffs on point and by practicing a lot more and being more energetic and giving the performance 100 percent,” sophomore Shelby Dorry said.

Jason Cobos, Staff

NC’s chorus hosted a concert on Thursday, October 3 at 7:30 p.m, and those who enjoy attending school events and showcasing their Warrior spirit, attended the concert to support the chorus that brings joyful and exciting performances. In recent years, an increasing number of students enrolled themselves in the chorus program and stated that they would like to continue. The chorus also saw a considerable increase in membership, with a variety of new freshman anxious to join and continue their chorus experience started in middle school.

  “I think we did really well compared to rehearsing because rehearsing wasn’t all that great and then the concert came and it was all better. A lot of the rehearsing process consisted of singing the song repeatedly. I think we could’ve done better with tempo because on a few songs we sped up and we could’ve balanced out all the different voice types better,” junior chorus student Michael Fusaro said.

The men’s chorus performed “Home On The Range”, “Music On The Water” and “Loch Lomond”; afterward, the Select A Capella group performed “Lux Aurumque”, “Sweetheart Of The Sun” and “Connected”. Students in chorus have experienced various obstacles over the years with maintaining certain pitches and tones especially with all of the other different types of voices that they might perform with.

“I feel as if most of our performance went very well, but one thing I noticed was that 

on the Latin piece that we performed, we could’ve done a better job of pronouncing the words with less of an American accent, but I feel as if we did a good job performing ‘Will There Really Be A Morning,’” freshman chorus student Zioni Moore said.

Family and friends showcased their excitement when they saw chorus students showing off their talents on stage during the concerts. After speaking with members of the chorus and some people who attended the concert, they stated that the performance went well and the whole choir did an admirable job of staying focused and keeping a consistent pitch and tone throughout the course of their performance.

“So far I really like chorus. The people here are really good and the teachers are also very supportive, and overall it’s really great. Something I feel we can improve on for the next concert is more practice and knowing that everyone knows how to pronounce all the words and bring more energy to our performance, ” Moore said.