Warriors embark on a “Suite” Homecoming


Amber Roldan

NC warriors danced the night away on Saturday night at homecoming, ignoring the pouring rain outside the arena’s windows. The rain ruined multiple Warrior students’ plans to take Instagram pictures in places such as Historic Downtown Acworth and Kennesaw prior to the dance. Mother Nature forced students to use their creative problem-solving skills as they came up with unique places to take pictures before the dance. NC students’ cameras flashed everywhere from inside Target to underneath the Legacy Park gazebo as they tried to take pictures avoiding the rain.

Amber Roldan, Staff

Warrior students embarked on the S.S. Warrior, sailing into a night of unforgettable memories. After a long week of nautical themed dress-up days, HoCo proposals, and after-school events, NC students flooded the dance floor at Homecoming. Girls in dazzling dresses and boys in stunning suits danced the night away under the stadium lights of the Arena. Warrior students splurged on luxuries including trendy outfits, professionally done hair and make-up, and extravagant jewelry as they dressed to the nines at the annual Homecoming dance.

Hit music mixed with palpable vibrant energy filled the arena and students debuted their best dance moves. Students danced like there’s no tomorrow, screaming the lyrics to their favorite songs alongside their best friends and significant others. The memorable night will forever live in the hearts of all who attended NC’s 2019 Homecoming.

Previously held in the main cafeteria, 2019’s Homecoming marked the first dance held in NC’s Arena. The event moved to the Arena due to 2018’s record-breaking number of attendees and holding the dance in the Arena provided the perfect solution to a sweaty, overcrowded dance crammed into a cramped cafeteria. 

“I loved that the dance was held in the Arena; there was so much more space and it was way less hot than last year. There was more room for everyone to have fun, support each other, and be confident,” sophomore Homecoming princess Noelle Riedemann said.

 Despite moving the event to a larger space, the event’s infamous shoulder-to-shoulder crowds remained. The middle of the dance floor became chaotic as students created large mosh pits spanning the length of over half of the Arena. Students could not escape the sweltering heat and dangers of Homecoming once inside the mosh pit. To eliminate the trampling tendencies of the massive crowds, students kept jumping, although difficult for girls wearing high stilettos and tight dresses. NC’s girls didn’t let these technicalities stop them as they danced their hearts out and smiled through the inevitable pains of Homecoming.

NC students did not allow the overwhelming crowds to impede on their night. The crowds united the most unlikely people allowing everyone from seniors to freshmen to bond and form new friendships.

“The massive crowds were the best part of Homecoming, everyone was jumping together even if we were around complete strangers. No one was worried about the immense pressure that school gives us or whether or not we looked good, we were all just happy to be together,” junior Reagan Sorrell said.

NC’s student government program, Tribal Connections (TC) made the magical memories of Homecoming possible with their tireless efforts, hard work and dedication. TC spent countless hours planning and preparing to make 2019’s Homecoming the perfect opportunity to ensure that all Warrior students received the ability to dance through the night in a stunning, stress-free environment. The endless devotion from TC allowed NC students to join in unity during a night full of singing and dancing their worries away. 

“The best part of planning Homecoming was seeing the event come into fruition and seeing everyone’s pictures afterward. I love getting to see the student body involved and dressed up having a great time, it makes all of the stressful preparation worth it,”  senior TC member Ola Otis said.

After three hours of endless laughs and embarrassing dances, the music turned off and the lights came on, blinding NC students. Students vacated the now steaming Arena and spilled into the parking lot where parents waited in what appeared as a never-ending carpool line. Numerous students headed to fast food restaurants and after-parties, clinging onto the night before it ended, hoping to live their teenage lives to the fullest. Warrior students disembarked the S.S. Warrior with sore feet, blisters, and memories to last a lifetime.

“Homecoming is so much better than taking a chemistry test or required reading for class, it’s a way to make fun memories with your best friends. Nights and events like Homecoming will be what we remember from high school, not the hard or sad times,” junior Ginette Samu said.