Make amends or cannot be friends? The controversial relationship between Ellen and George W

Peyton Stack, Staff

Known for her quirkiness and ability to “bust-a-move” in any social setting, Ellen DeGeneres, host of the famous TV talk show “Ellen,” faces extreme criticism due to the revelation of her public friendship with 43rd President of the United States George W. Bush. On October 6 at the AT&T Stadium, a photo of DeGeneres and former President Bush went viral on social media after extremists on both sides of the political spectrum grew upset over two opposite figures in their respective fields sharing a laugh together. 

DeGeneres later went on her daily talk show to defend her actions against these political accusations. The Republican Bush and Democratic LGBTQ icon Degeneres may seem like polar opposites, but they ultimately share common views such as their love for football. 

“They thought: why is a gay Hollywood liberal sitting next to a conservative Republican president? (They) didn’t even notice I was holding the brand new iPhone 11,” DeGeneres said. 

The fact that people in modern society truly believe that political alignment can and should affect personal relationships shows the extreme single-mindedness in the radical portions of both political parties. Those who live by the saying “treat others the way you want to be treated,” know that the procedure in which you connect to and treat others does not consider the ideas, beliefs, or customs people follow. Though similar ideas and beliefs assimilate groups, those with differing opinions can still find other common ground and respect for each other.

“I’m friends with a lot of people who don’t share the same beliefs that I have. We’re all different, and I think we’ve forgotten that that’s okay, that we’re all different,” DeGeneres said.

An increasingly potent issue within American society includes the confrontation and never-ending battle between the Democratic and Republican Parties. Politicians and normal civilians criticize our political figures and representatives about never compromising with the opposite side but attack an exemplary situation like this. Though the situation receives much negative attention, others use the Degeneres-Bush friendship as an example to show others that anyone can become friends.

 The only way to fix the U.S.’ problems and economic troubles dwell in the area of unity. Through a fixed, productive relationship between both political parties, the issues of the U.S will foresee quicker solutions and fewer confrontations through a better understanding of each opposing side.  

“I think the Degeneres and Bush friendship is a great thing. It shows us as a young generation that we can look past our differences and truly interact with each other. Everyone should be supportive of this [friendship] because it is a perfect example of what others must do,” NC sophomore Bobby Vandiver said. 

The empowering friendship between DeGeneres and President Bush helps conjoin people in the LGBTQ and Democratic Party with the more conservative Republican Party. Despite the conflicts, disagreements, and social problems that the entire world faces, the DeGeneres-Bush friendship provides a breath of fresh air, showing people of any race, religion, political identity or sexual orientation, that two people who seem like total opposites can find common ground and share a laugh or two. Hopefully, this friendship will help show that reaching common ground with those one disagrees with can happen in an increasingly divided United States and eventually across the world.