NC shows its true spirit 


Estefany Perdomo-Montoya

Seniors Ryan Getz and Sam Lacandazo “and I oop-ed” their way through Tik Tok Tuesday, imitating the popular stereotype of VSCO girls on the app. The seniors did not show fear to come out in their shorts on a chilly day to show their appreciation for NC.

Estefany Perdomo-Montoya, Staff

It became festive on deck as NC showed their Homecoming spirit the week of October 14. The school encouraged students to participate in dress-up days based on this year’s homecoming theme of Warriors on Deck. The Warriors started off strong with Monday’s “Yacht party” theme with several students showing off their spirit in all-white outfits. 

Estefany Perdomo-Montoya
In the magnet lounge, sophomores Abigail Nwachukwu, Natalie Joseph, Jamie Hockey and Reagan Schooler relax in their white outfits and show their support for NC. Unlike several sophomores that day they made sure to show their spirit, fitting perfectly into the theme.

E-boys and girls filled NC halls while VSCO girls protested for saving the turtles in the cafeteria for TikTok day on Tuesday. The overwhelming participation of NC students proved the popularity of the stereotypes found on the app.

“I believe people were excited to dress up today because the stereotypes they are trying [to] imitate are very popular on Tik Tok. Today the theme allows people to try a different style they would otherwise never do, and they get to participate in the spirit week. I think the idea for today was to make dressing up for everyone, as Tik Tok day does not really fit into the week’s theme. But Tik Tok day is everyone’s favorite because sometimes it is just fun to dress up with friends,” freshman Angel Meza said.

On Monday students took a stop on the cruise with a Hawaiian theme and a PSAT. Leis and Hawaiian shirts filled NC, and flowers filled classrooms. The halls were quiet with the absence of several students out sick. 

Jenny Loveland
Surfs up at NC as students rode the PSAT wave on Wednesday. Amber Roldan, Ashu Ebot-Tabi and Peyton Stack take time for an iconic brick wall picture to show off their Hawaiian leis. Their fingers show the traditional symbol for “surfs up” that surfers repeat to keep high spirits among their peers.

“The theme for today was so cool everyone had some type of flower on them that day, I think the theme was supposed to be like if we were on a cruise and that day we made a stop in Hawaii,” junior Yamile Farias said. 

As the week progressed student participation declined, with Thursday’s “Drip or Drown” theme seeing the least amount of participation from NC students. Everyone appeared worn out from the PSAT the day before. Hardly any students showed spirit on Thursday with the theme of either the best outfit in their closet or the worst, as they stuck to their everyday school outfits. 

Estefany Perdomo-Montoya
The Chant staff members junior Lainey Devlin and sophomore Amber Roldan showed their drip on Thursday with gold necklaces and cool shirts. Imitating the new style rappers have adopted streetwear for their cool outfits.

“I believe people were not feeling very high in spirits on Thursday, the majority of the students were recovering from taking such a long test on Monday. The idea of trying to pick a cool outfit was not in my plan for that day, the theme was cool but I still have another year to try.  I think the lack of participation was not due to a lack of appreciation of NC or school spirit but we were all just very tired,” junior Yamile Farias said. 

Spirits rose again on Friday as students became excited about the football game later that day and Homecoming the next night. Students came out with lifeguard inspired outfits or red clothing. Seniors showed true school spirit for the pep rally and showed off their pride in NC for their last year. Later that night, students came out to support the Warriors as they beat North Paulding in a blue-out game.

Estefany Perdomo-Montoya
Senior Jennifer Dang pictured with a friend on Friday’s game day theme of Lifeguards, both NC students proudly showed their participation in the day’s theme. Cold weather did not stop them from enjoying their last homecoming week.

“It is my last year and I want to enjoy it, I may have not participated in all of the days for spirit week but I am proud to be a Warrior. When I was a freshman I always told myself I would have school spirit when I was a senior and now I do feel like NC has been a part of who I am. I will always remember this school and the great memories I have made,” senior Yuritzy Farias said.

Estefany Perdomo-Montoya
NC students avoid seasickness with cool all-white outfits on Monday. Senior Rahel Kefetew takes a moment to show school spirit on the first day of homecoming week. She fit into Monday’s theme with a classic yacht outfit, she appeared ready for a day on the sea.