How to give back for Christmas


Elyssa Abbott

The act of giving back involves far more than donating a large amount of money; one can always just sit down and write a heartfelt card to their loved ones, an act sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Children remember the holidays forever, so instead of memories of spending Christmas in the hospital, they will remember the kind words.

Elyssa Abbott, Features Editor

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, brings friends and families together to celebrate the wonderful aspects of our lives. It serves as a time to gift loved ones, show appreciation for them, eat delicious food and attend holiday parties. Despite these lavish traditions, those who struggle to put meals on the table for their family rarely enjoy their Christmas. Those fortunate enough to give and receive gifts should use this opportunity to give back to those in need. 

Kennesaw’s MUST Ministries offers countless opportunities to become involved with the organization, especially during the holidays. Ranging from volunteering for a food pantry to collecting and distributing clothes, and even helping people find jobs, MUST provides a chance for the whole family to give back to the less fortunate in the community. 

Numerous churches in the Kennesaw community, such as Northstar, plan to reach out to local families in need and give churchgoers a chance to gift the families with toys and presents for children. This presents the perfect chance to shop for a gift or donate an unused item and bring joy to a child’s face on Christmas morning if a family cannot afford to. 

Holiday parties allow people to celebrate with friends and family but do not always embrace the giving spirit of the season. When throwing the annual Christmas party this year, ask guests to bring cans they could donate to a local food pantry. The most meaningful gifts benefit someone in need, so instead of asking for presents for Christmas, ask for a donation to a charity. This eliminates the stress of picking the perfect gift for someone and can help somebody who needs it. 

Giving back during the holidays does not always require donating money. If baking interests you, give back to the community by delivering cookies to a local nursing home or even just to your neighbors to bring smiles to their faces. Numerous organizations provide relatively easy ways to help out those in need, like The Joy of Sox, Cards for Hospitalized Kids, and Operation Christmas Child: The Joy of Sox asks for sock donations for the homeless because of the rare donation of socks and the surprising need for them. Cards for hospitalized kids ask for holiday cards to cheer up children spending their holidays in the hospital. For those spending time overseas during the holidays, meaningful letters and care packages could brighten up a soldier’s day while away from friends and family. Operation Christmas Child provides a similar experience where participants pack a shoebox with little gifts, personal care items and letters to less fortunate children. 

“My parents and I have been doing Operation Christmas Child for four years now. We buy items, sort through them, and package them to be sent to kids in need around the world. It’s so special to be apart of an organization that gives back on such a large scale,” Magnet junior Abbey Corley said. 

No matter the price or size, giving back during the holidays reminds one of their blessings in life. Whether you choose to gift a generous donation of clothes and toys or to deliver a cookie and a smile to the new neighbor, giving during this season spreads holiday cheer throughout the community.