How to stay sane during finals week


Jayden Stabler

NC student hits the books in preparation for their AP Calculus AB final. Fellow Warriors currently experience anxiety-inducing times as they cram to relearn a semester’s worth of content in a couple of days. These tips will help in relieving stress and focusing the mind for the hard work that lies ahead of us all.

Jayden Stabler, Editor-in-Chief

With finals days seemingly only seconds away, students start to feel frantic. The reality of testing on an entire semester’s worth of material can give anyone chills. These tips can help to sharpen the mind in preparation for retaining such an overwhelming amount of content.

Shut Eye

Although a full night’s sleep normally lands last on students’ lists of things to do when studying for finals, a couple of REM cycles per night can act as a crucial component in allowing one’s brain to absorb and retain the information just drilled into it. Fit in a couple of hours throughout the day or save it all up for eight hours at night, either way, the choice of whether or not to give yourself a brain break can make or break finals week.


Juggling anywhere between one to four finals while maintaining good grades and attendance in these classes can feel like an impossible feat at times. Scheduling out a specific amount of time to spend on each subject and/or test can help cease feeling overwhelmed and confused. Too much time spent on a specific subject or assignment can lead to frustration and inevitably can make one want to give up. Exercise patience with yourself this finals season.

Brain Food

Diet plays an important role in brain function and energy, both of which students need at peak performance this week. Foods like fish, berries, avocados, eggs and more can boost brain activity, aiding in things like retention and alertness. Even coffee in appropriate dosages becomes a lifesaver in tiring times like these. Make sure to keep your brain and body fueled to take on these daunting last few tests and assignments.

Me Time

Amid all the chaos of studying and maintaining organization during the last home-stretch, give yourself small breaks. Help yourself: watch a show, read a book, or engage in some form of self-care. Small activities to nurture your own well-being can make all the difference in your sanity this week.

As the time for final exams inch closer and closer, NC students begin to let stress consume them. Taking measures like the ones listed above helps one overcome these taxing times.