Talented class clown billed as newest anchor for Tomahawk Today


Kat Shambaugh

New Tomahawk Today anchor, junior Nathan Beauplan hams it up for the camera.

Andrew Lubbers, Reporter

Although junior Nathan Beauplan does not take the designated video broadcast course, he gained enough respect from Mr. Dempsey’s team to earn the position as Tomahawk Today’s newest anchor.

“I’ve always been behind the scenes writing sketches for Tomahawk Today, but I’ve always dreamed of being in front of the camera,” Beauplan said.

Most students desire this authoritative seat and anxiously await a promotion, but Beauplan’s comedic instinct helped fill the slot. During class, he takes on the “class clown” role which shows Tomahawk Today’s light side.

“In talking with him and seeing him act, I knew that he had the presence to be able to do this,” Dempsey said. “I talked with Kelsey, and we all thought that he was a good fit for it. I always like having a junior, that way I can just slide him in there next year with a little bit of experience.”

Beauplan hosted his first show on October 7th, and the filming went smooth; however, he admits his nerves impacted his performance.

“I was extremely nervous, but the cameraman was encouraging me, it felt good to have his support,” Beauplan said.

Nathan has gained the support from NC’s staff and students alike. The Warrior Nation has welcomed his comedic antics as a bright start to their Wednesdays.

“He was unique, definitely had his funny moments, he brought something new to the show,” junior Shane Wiltsey said.

Beauplan worked towards this moment since his freshman year, and now he gets to experience his dream. Despite not being in video broadcast, Nathan never faltered, and stayed committed to the team.

“Even though he’s not in my class, he’s been actively involved in helping us, he’s brought a lot of great ideas to me. That willingness to work and to provide content even though he’s not necessarily the one getting the recognition for it, let me know that he had the kind of personality that I was looking for,” Dempsey said.