Opposing Viewpoints: Legacy Park’s new beach volleyball court a positive addition


Emmett Schindler, Reporter

With numerous amenities, such as a baseball field, three swimming pools, and the Town Green, which is used for the youth soccer league, Legacy Park serves as a community more so than a neighborhood. Just recently, Legacy Park added a new feature: a beach volleyball court.

Residents in Legacy Park are always excited for new amenities, so the new beach volleyball court should have everyone pumped. Ever since it opened, people have been storming to get to the new court. It seems that every time I pass it,  a new group or family is enjoying it. So far, it seems that the beach volleyball court is a huge success and really brings friends and family to enjoy the amazing weather.

The beach volleyball court can be used for multiple activities. The main purpose remains, obviously, to play beach volleyball. People who play it competitively now have a closer location to practice, and it gives newcomers an activity to try. Another way it can be used is a sandbox for little kids. There is a baseball field right next to it, so if a mother has to take her son to a baseball game but doesn’t want to get a babysitter for her younger child, a sandbox will definitely keep them busy. The sand also gives teenage girls a place to tan, rather than their back porch.

Legacy Park will always find a way to entertain their residents even more. Adding a new, fun activity that attracts people can possibly cause more families to move in to Legacy. Beach volleyball can be played by anyone, so nobody is left out. Even though beach volleyball isn’t widely played, it shows that Legacy Park tries to keep their residents something to look forward to.

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