Gordon Ramsay takes over culinary classes


Haley Kish

With his brand new logo on his shirt from his latest endeavor, Gordon Ramsay feels excited to whip the NC culinary students into master chefs. “I will not rest until each student cries over their baked chicken parmesan. Perfection is the only thing acceptable in my kitchen,” Ramsay said.

Elyssa Abbott, Editor-in-chief

In recent years, the culinary program at NC has slowed down due to the struggle to find the perfect teacher to lead the young chefs of America while the current culinary teacher, Mrs. Bodenhammer, takes a break for maternity leave. A familiar face to Food Network with dozens of cooking shows, this British chef guarantees a shift for the NC culinary program as he becomes the newest teacher.

Gordon Ramsey, the renowned chef, started his teaching career in early March at NC. His tough, critical personality shines through to his teaching. Students on the culinary pathway feel excited to learn from a world-famous chef, but numerous say that the heat intensifies when he enters the kitchen.

“It is definitely a change in the environment with Mr. Ramsey as our teacher. He has only made me cry a couple of times, but he did make a freshman have a nervous breakdown when they burnt a souffle,” said junior Sam Brown.

The first week of Ramsay’s reign consisted of watching reruns of one of his most popular T.V. shows, Master Chef. After watching the show, students were required to write down their favorite insults from that episode. At the end of his first week as a teacher, he challenged his students to not cry as he hurled his best insults at them.

“I am really just trying to make them tougher. A freshman freaked out on me after he burnt a souffle, which is inexcusable. My advice to him was to never bake again,” said Ramsay.

Students and teachers located around his classroom can hear his British accent shouting at his students throughout the day. Although different from past culinary teachers, Ramsay hopes that his constructive criticism inspires and pushes his students to craft beautiful kitchen creations. 

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