Charli D’Amelio “steps” in


Elyssa Abbott

Working with the Tik Tok queen consists of hard work and high standards, as she demands nothing less than perfection from the NC step team. Charli D’Amelio practices “Renegade” over and over with the team until it looks Tik Tok worthy.

Elyssa Abbott, Editor-in-chief

S.W.A.T (Stronger We Are Together), NC’s step team received an addition to their team in late February: Charli D’Amelio. At only 15 years old, Charli D’Amelio holds the spot for most followers on the popular video-sharing app Tik Tok. Her 41 million followers watch and recreate her impressive dances to popular songs, including her most well-known dance “Renegade.” NC’s step team feels excited to watch D’Amelio teach them new dances and perfect their moves.

The step team currently prepares to perform at the next pep rally with fresh, energetic dance moves to add to their routines, so they called in the best of the best. On day one of practicing with D’Amelio, the step team worked to perfect their own “Renegade” dance.

“She seems sweet, but Renegade is not in our routine. Charli made us do her dance over and over while screaming at us to make our ‘woahs’ sharper,”  junior Alainna Toombs said.

D’Amelio showed her excitement for helping out the team by bringing her posse, the Hype House, to one of their practices. The Hype House spent the entire time making Tik Toks with the team, who ended their first week of practice feeling confident in their Tik Tok dances but not confident in their actual routine performed to the whole school.

“I already know all of the Tik Tok dances and I am arguably better than Charli, so I don’t know why she has the hype. Regardless, we didn’t get much done. Charli kept screaming ‘put some more’ at us while laughing maniacally. Also, her boyfriend, Lil Huddy, kept calling her, which was very distracting,” said Toombs.

As the days count down before the next NC pep rally, the step team remains excited with D’Amelio as their new leader but unconfident with their routine.

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