NC receives ceramics class



Students learned to create two-dimensional artworks like this one in Visual Arts Comprehensive, the first art class any NC student takes before beginning an art pathway. With the foundation of skills gained in that class, students hoping to take Ceramics prepare to tackle any artistic challenge in their path.

Jenny Loveland, Staff

While signing up for their classes for next year, students noticed a tentative addition to the selection of art classes offered at NC: Visual Arts/Ceramics IY. The class, taught by art teacher Karie Brewer (who focused on ceramics throughout college), will center on teaching students to make pottery.

“With the ceramics class, I hope to introduce students to 3 main clay processes: hand-building, throwing and sculpting. Ceramics 1 will have intro-level clay lessons and projects, which will guide new ceramic artists through experiencing and manipulating a new medium,” Brewer said.

The class remains on track to become part of the third visual arts pathway offered at NC, along with the Applied Design and Drawing and Painting pathways. Unlike those course pathways, which focus mainly on the creation of two-dimensional art, Ceramics and the following classes will center around creating three-dimensional pieces. 

“Ceramics…is a beautiful medium to work with. Clay goes through so many stages. It’s like art and science combined,” Brewer said.

Students hoping to take the class must await to receive their class schedules for the next semester to know for sure whether or not they will get to learn how to create works of art with this medium.

“Ceramics isn’t something I’ve done before, unless you count middle school pottery so I would love to try this new skill. I’d like to try and make a chips and salsa bowl eventually. I’m also excited to take the class because I’ll be in a familiar environment and I’ll be with a teacher that I know,” sophomore Ellie Boyle said.