A guide to a healthy relationship


Julyana Ayache

Relationships resemble roller coasters. They either ride bumpy or smooth or both. Relationships might not always follow a clear and steady road, but they provide lessons and reveal aspects of yourself or your partner. Heartbreak remains inevitable but, there comes steps to avoid, relationships can never act easy.

Julyana Ayache, Staff

Relationships tend to play out in one of two ways: they either end up a waste of time or produce a long-lasting period of happiness for both involved. Every individual with whom you hold a relationship may lead to marriage, or most of the time a lesson learned about how to make these bonds last. To avoid the heartbreak and overplaying of Drake songs, these concepts listed guarantee the perfect and most stress-free relationship. 


No matter how much someone says “communication is key”, this is not the case. This stands as the ultimate test of your relationship, the ability to mind-read. Sharing any doubts, fears or feelings is not reasonable. Avoid achieving a deep understanding of one another, and focus only on what you want. 


Trust may play an important role in relationships, but people fail to understand that trust leads to an overload of heartbreak. Trust does not help to bind a relationship together but only breaks it: therefore, hold your partner close but keep your trust issues closer from day one. When your boy or girl heads out with their friends (or a possible threat to your relationship), grab a wig and sunglasses, put on your best outfit and start your adventure. Now one could consider this stalking, but on the contrary, you only look out for your partner and prevent cheating. 


Criticism serves as a crucial stepping stone towards happiness in one’s relationship. If your partner looks stunning all dressed up to go somewhere, make sure you question who they dress up for. Letting your partner go out alone looking their best can attract danger, or even potential cheating. Put up a fight before they leave the door; or better yet, choose their outfit for them. If they look amazing, simply tell them they look adequate: after no need for a boost of self-esteem if not for you.  

When in a committed relationship, follow these steps for the strongest union and connection. These steps set the highroad for long-term feelings and arguments that clearly show your feelings and how much each person cares about the relationship.

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