Barron Trump: The Chant’s hidden staff member


Courtesy of Town and Country magazine

Barron Trump, Donald Trump’s youngest child, was recently discovered to be a part of The Chant’s staff in 1983. Although Barron claims to be born in 2006, his old staff bio claims otherwise.

Maddie Dean, Opinions Editor

Throughout its 60 years of operation, The Chant has seen hundreds of staff members come and go. While scrolling through the archives, I encountered an article written in 1983 by Barron Trump, President Donald Trump’s youngest son. After a thorough investigation, I discovered Barron as not only The Chant’s Editor-in-chief (EIC) in 1983 but also a time traveler.  

According to, Barron Trump was born in 2006, but after seeing Barron’s article about time traveling, I disagree. In the article, entitled “Why time traveling actually exists”, Barron claims people time travel to educate and warn the world about a life-changing event. In addition, in his staff bio, Barron claimed he was born in New York, but later moved to Kennesaw with his mom to get away from the stress of the big city. He also showed an interest in politics and business, a passion he learned from his father and strived to educate NC about. 

Prior to becoming EIC, Barron held the position of opinions editor and frequently wrote political articles. In an article titled “Political predictions”, Barron warns people that in the future, the public can expect a dramatic presidential election between two candidates nobody likes.

“In the 2016 presidential election, the two candidates will further divide America. One candidate will be a powerful, yet seemingly racist businessman and the other will be a woman,” Barron (1983) said. 

Although Barron became EIC in 1983, his power only lasted a year as he graduated in 1984. However, his hard work does not go unappreciated here at NC, especially for students like Chandler Quaile. 

 “I think it’s really cool that Trump’s son used to go here. I just love Donald Trump, and I’m glad our school has a connection with him now,” NC Magnet senior Chandler Quaile said. 

April Fool’s, you fool!


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