Blinding light emerges amid deafening darkness from coronavirus


Amber Roldan

A sense of severe darkness emerges across the globe during the coronavirus outbreak, yet society refuses to allow it to ruin their quality of life. Innovative, compassionate humans begin to find and carry out innumerable ways to offer light to society during these dark times: charities, online tutoring companies and global organizations constitute the countless establishments providing relief to suffering members of society.

Amber Roldan, Staff

A worldwide state of despair spanning the globe due to a pandemic resulting in 185,494 deaths creates mass devastation and suffering in every corner of the world. A sense of suffocating darkness encompasses the hearts of all affected by the coronavirus. However, despite this global grief worldwide, unity emerges creating a blinding light among the deafening darkness around the world. COVID-19 creates endless challenges for people to deal with: ranging from social distancing, adjusting to new homeschool techniques, and life-threatening illnesses. Nonprofit charities work diligently with hopes of alleviating the extreme effects the coronavirus imposes on the world.

With limited social interaction and human contact, social gatherings have been forced to take place online: virtual happy hours, Zoom rehearsals, classes and family gatherings on Skype allow technology to unite friends and family members. A simple FaceTime call with a loved one enables an aching heart to welcome a sense of joy, an emotion that seems increasingly foreign nowadays. 

“Before stay at home orders were established, my family and I rarely made time to see each other due to our chaotic schedules. The coronavirus and social distancing have completely changed my family’s dynamic. We are finally able to spend quality time together which will always be a memory that I cherish,” NC junior Emma Tonge said.

Nonprofit charities, including Feeding America, Doctors Without Borders and World Central Kitchen, have started providing worldwide relief by stocking the pantries of food banks, instituting help in third-world countries with populations suffering and even delivering chef-prepared meals to those in need. Major companies fight alongside these charities while utilizing their cutting-edge resources to contribute to the relief non-profit organizations offer. Subaru alone donated 50 million meals to contribute to Feeding America’s cause. These courageous companies and charities strive to fight against the pandemic on the front lines with hopes of returning to life preceding the coronavirus.

Although everyone cannot aid the entire world in extraordinary ways, ordinary people worldwide find ways to cheer up their loved ones during a time of abnormal chaos. People of all ages strive to end this pandemic by pitching in innovative ways. 11-year-old UK fashion designer Skylar Johnson took charge and began producing face masks utilizing her beloved sewing machine to prevent the further spread of COVID-19  her esteemed efforts in helping the world fight against COVID-19 became featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show. This TV appearance shined her influential light on the world and inspired countless viewers to dig out their sewing equipment and help the young activist in her movement fighting against the impending darkness society faces. 

Birthday celebrations occurring during this quarantine lead to creative social distancing celebrations, including drive-by birthday parades and virtual video chat parties. These simple gestures of love on one’s birthday allow light to flourish on important days usually spent with friends and family.

Social distancing inevitably creates numerous intriguing ways of socializing and benefitting society. Remaining at home reduces the number of carbon emissions released daily by vehicles, which ultimately slows the rate of climate change and global warming. The Climate Group believes that this new adaptation of life involving working from home could reduce over 300 million tons of carbon emissions per year. 

Music never fails to unite society and COVID-19 ceases to do so despite the canceled concerts and postponed album releases. Musicians worldwide have unified in new ways to create luminous joy during somber times. Numerous virtual concerts have taken place from the living rooms of stars, including Taylor Swift, Travis Scott and Post Malone. These virtual concerts allow stars to entertain millions of adoring self-isolated fans while raising awareness and funds that provide COVID-19 relief.

With the entire nation converting to homeschooling, virtual education, and remote learning seemingly overnight, quality of education quickly manifested concern. Wheeler High School student, Ishaan, channeled his inner light and used it to found a Virtual Outreach Tutoring program that allows all middle school and high school students to receive the extra help they need and deserve during this strange transitional time. Ishaan and his fellow tutors offer a multitude of free tutoring sessions with hopes of providing students with light during the darkness that COVID-19 created. 

Instead of succumbing to darkness, the world must seek light everywhere in their day-to-day lives in everything they encounter. It constitutes the only chance society possesses of returning to a portion of normality in the foreseeable future. Although the coronavirus implements a whole new realm of obstacles to overcome, it also introduces new light, unity, and positivity into the realm.

“Even though I have to virtually communicate with all of my friends and family, I love video chatting with them and seeing their faces. It brings to light that we are all facing the same challenges right now and that we will get through them together,” NC junior Ginette Samu said.