Tomahawk Today’s Technology Triumph


Amber Roldan

Led by former CNN employee, Daniel Knode, NC students gain real-life experience through participating in Tomahawk Today’s esteemed program. With an earth-shattering pandemic altering the course of day to day lives, Tomahawk Today’s recording studio changed from NC’s halls to students’ living rooms. “Virtual learning has made it challenging for myself and the students to really get the full experience of Tomahawk Today, but they are doing great, and are still showing a lot of creativity,” Knode said.

Amber Roldan, Features Editor

2020’s unprecedented challenges forced NC to adapt all aspects of a traditional academic experience. Through multiple restrictions and regulations, NC’s prominent broadcasting news network, Tomahawk Today inspired excellence by overcoming each obstacle thrown their way to produce another year of memorable news broadcasts. Despite 11 years of coherently producing Tomahawk Today, nothing prepared Audio Visual students and advisors when COVID-19 quickly derailed their production. After a six month hiatus from Tomahawk Today broadcasts, the prominent program made a triumphant return on Wednesday, September 9th. 

Over the summer, NC’s Audio Visual class received the privilege of a brand new control room with new lights and cameras for their beloved studio. However, due to obstacles imposed by COVID-19, students have ceased to step foot in their brand new recording studio. Instead of utilizing professional recording equipment, students record video footage on cell phones and participate in interviews and class meetings via Zoom. Traditionally, Tomahawk Today students wander NC’s halls with recording equipment and microphones shooting film and gathering research.

“We were all really looking forward to coming back face to face this year. Being unable to get together in small groups to shoot funny videos has been tough for everyone. However, it is also bringing out the creativity in everyone,” NC’s AV teacher Daniel Knode said.

Tomahawk Today’s first episode aired Wednesday, September 9th. Knode, teacher and role model to all students involved in Tomahawk Today, sent all advisement teachers a link attaching the seven-minute broadcast special. Starting with its traditional background music and opening montage, nostalgia filled the hearts of all NC students viewing Tomahawk Today. Unable to gossip with their friends during advisement awaiting the weekly new broadcast, Tomahawk Today’s 2020-2021 debut brought a sense of normality back to the students and staff of NC. 

The first episode of Tomahawk Today’s series focused on NC’s newest addition, the esteemed marquee standing at the front of NC’s entrance. In light of the recent darkness surrounding the world, Tomahawk Today sought to spark laughter and bring back smiles to the faces of NC staff and students. The episode ended with a humorous video revealing the numerous struggles NC students and pets faced during Quarantine.

Students diligently work to develop a new format that resembles a TMZ podcast. Although the podcast format remains in early development, Tomahawk Today’s contributors plan to begin live productions once school returns to a face to face option on November 5th. Until then, news students will continue to manifest their creative visions through the lens on their cell phones from the comfort of their homes.

 “The students are doing great, I have seen some great work and everyone is helping with getting video back and forth to each other and helping out when it is needed. They are getting the hang of things and get better and better each week,” Knode said.