Love Island USA: After the island


Courtesy of AZ Central

These are the Love Island USA final four couples after the reveal of the winners of the season. “I’m so happy that I made it here. I’m shocked that I made it here and found Calvin. It’s crazy,” Moira Tumas said.

Jemiah Clemons, Opinions Editor

The popular show, Love Island, which originally aired in the U.K., skyrocketed in ratings for US broadcasting channel, CBS. With the conclusion of Love Island USA season two, viewers wonder what the islanders will do next. This past Tuesday, the winnings of $100,000 went to Justine and Caleb, known by fans as Jaleb. Throughout the season, viewers saw the couples talk through the tough conversations that usually cause turbulence in a relationship. By the end of the season, the four couples became loved by the American and Canadian public. The show centers around 10 singles in a villa who try to find love through games, challenges and cohabitation.

In the fourth place spot, Carrington and Laurel did not win the hearts of America, but they won each others. In the beginning, Rodriguez, known as “date boy” became a hot commodity in the eyes of every new girl to walk in the villa. With a total of seven dates under his belt, Goldman worked hard to keep her man from straying. This couple struggled with communication, a wandering eye and dates with other people. These troubles allowed those at home to witness quite the rollercoaster. The couple told interviewers they do not know where this relationship will take them, but decided to take things one day at a time.

“He’s not the dating guy anymore. He’s just gonna be my guy from now on,” Laurel Goldman said.

Coming in third place, Moira and Calvin managed to duck and dodge eliminations throughout the competition. They displayed a realistic representation of what the dating scene in 2020 looks like, also known as the on-again-off-again relationship. The two spent so much time apart, and that time made them realize they want to form a deep connection with one another. By the end of the series, the personalities of the islanders grew tremendously. Both Moira and Calvin plan to follow down the same path as Laurel and Carrington and take things one day at a time.

Cely and Johnny, runner ups, put viewers through quite the emotional rollercoaster throughout this season. Separately, these two showed emotions and personality that went beyond a T.V. screen. In the beginning, this couple won the hearts of  Twitter fans everywhere. However, Johnny’s actions in Casa Amor changed the opinions of the public quickly. The lies and gaslighting slowed down the progression of their relationship. This led to a backlash on social media from the public for the last three weeks of the show. Eventually, they overcame their relationship struggles and came out stronger than before. Now at home with the families, both Middlebrooks and Vazquez want to continue their relationship and hope to reconnect sooner than fans might think. 

“I’m just glad to finally get him away from the cameras and get some privacy,” Cely Vazquez said.

Now for the winners, Justine and Caleb. This couple experienced a unique journey throughout this season. In the beginning, Ndiba struggled to find a real connection with any of the men in the villa. However, she never gave up and decided to pursue Corprew when he entered the villa. While Justine received plenty of love from viewers, viewers thought her time in the villa would surely end. Ndiba made the bold choice of choosing Corprew in the car wash challenge and those at home saw them tell their own story. Similar to Johnny and Cely, Corprew and Ndiba shined both separately and together as the confidants of everyone in the villa. 

With only a short amount of time in the villa, Jaleb showed their love through trust, communication and witty jokes. Their interactions sparked plenty of emotions from fans, and celebrities, showcased by a shoutout from Chrissy Teigen via Twitter.  At one point on the show, fans saw the couple having a serious conversation about past relationships and how they can move forward and grow together as a couple. They expressed their concerns with long-distance as well. Now that the show is over, both Ndiba and Corprew made plans to relocate to L.A. 

“Our love is genuine, our love is authentic, our love is patient, our love is kind,” winner Caleb Coprew said.

This year CBS produced an electric show that gained plenty of media attention. Fans hope to see this same type of energy and personality return to their screens next season. While the show did not get renewed, fans wait with crossed fingers and hope to see more relationships blossom.