Five shows for the aspiring anime fan


Courtesy of IMDb, Reelgood, Rotten Tomatoes Avid anime watchers may prefer to utilize sites centered around anime such as Crunchyroll or Funimation to stream their favorite shows and movies. On the other hand, newcomers to anime can find anime on popular platforms including Netflix and Hulu. Some streaming services feature shows that they license themselves or help to produce.

Dominik Perez and Elijah Pacis

The past decade witnessed the rise of Japanese animation and comics, known as anime and manga respectively, as unique mediums for storytelling. With every passing year what once took the place of a niche genre barely known to the world outside of Japan becomes more and more mainstream. With famous rappers name-dropping shows such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Bleach in songs and anime conventions such as Momocon and Anime Weekend Atlanta only increasing in size each year it becomes more difficult to turn a blind eye to anime culture. Anime encompasses a wide array of genres similar to live-action shows and movies, allowing viewers to formulate their own definition of “good anime.”

“Anime offers more options than other types of entertainment out there. It has a lot more character development than most other shows, and the animation quality is stunning,” said junior Bryan Casalini. But as the medium grows, it becomes more and more daunting for the uninitiated to start participating in the phenomena. So in order to assist those looking to join in with the anime community, but find uncertainties about where to start, The Chant ranked five recent anime below that new viewers should consider starting with.


Released in 2019, Kaguya-sama: Love is War describes a light-hearted, romantic comedy starring the student council of Shuchiin Academy. President Miyuki Shirogane and Vice President Kaguya Shinomiya consider each other as love interests but neither realizes the other’s true feelings. The pair attempts to win a confession from each other in hilarious mind-games and end up outsmarting themselves. Featuring dynamic interactions with each other and with the other student council members and classmates, they find themselves in a variety of scenarios that draw on laughs, and sometimes a few tears.

Attack on Titan:

A series first aired in 2013, Attack On Titan depicts an apocalyptic, thrilling scenario where titans, giant humanoid monsters, forced humanity to hide themselves away behind immense, circular walls. Eren Yeager lives in a district along the outermost wall when he and his best friends Mikasa and Armin witness a legion of titans break down the wall, ending their relatively peaceful existence. Choosing not to live in fear, Eren aims to join the military and reclaim the world from the towering threats. With close friends harboring dark secrets and a missing father who left him with a special gift, Eren must undergo numerous trials to achieve his lifelong goal.

Promised Neverland:

Debuting in 2019, Promised Neverland showcases the lives of Emma, Norman, and Ray, three children living in an orphanage in 2045. They live a comfortable life with other, younger orphans under the careful watch of their caretaker Isabella, where they can enjoy near complete freedom, minus treading near the grounds’ gate and wall. One fateful night, one of the orphans, Conny, leaves the orphanage to join her new family outside. However, she leaves her precious doll behind and Norman and Emma race to catch her at the gate. There, they learn the truth about what lies outside and the true horrors they can experience within their sanctuary.

Jujutsu Kaisen:

With the manga making its debut in 2018, and the first season of the anime adaptation currently airing, Jujutsu Kaisen takes the spot of most recent anime on this list. The story follows Japanese teenager Yuji Itadori as he struggles to fit into the hidden society of sorcerers he discovers by accident after consuming a cursed finger in order to protect his friends. After eating the finger Itadori finds himself possessed by an ancient evil sorcerer known as Sukuna. To Itadori’s displeasure he finds himself in a dilemma: undergo execution by the sorcerers at Jujutsu High or assist them in hunting down the remainder of Sukuna’s fingers. The series offers intense action as well as a unique magic system revolving around curses, featuring a large cast of interesting characters such as a talking panda. For fans of high energy action stories or Harry Potter-like magical worlds, all with a macabre twist, Jujutsu Kaisen makes for a great watch.

Your Name:

When Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu begin switching bodies seemingly out of nowhere they must quickly adapt in order to prevent each other’s lives from falling apart. The 2016 anime film won multiple awards for its stunning animation and emotional, hard-hitting story. With themes of loss and fated meetings, a cast of relatable characters, and a unique fantasy twist, Your Name. remains a must-watch for fans of romantic dramas. 

As anime grows more and more mainstream the amount of possible series to watch expands with it. While the classic series remain prevalent within the anime and manga community, most conversations turn towards more recent shows. The anime listed here make for a great start for any aspiring anime fan looking to join in on the fun.