Tennis swings into a new season


Jenny Loveland

Like those involved in other spring sports, tennis players and managers have begun to return to the sport they love after losing the end of their last season to the nationwide lockdown. “The current pandemic cut our last season short, and I was pretty sad about it. It was my first time managing and I was really enjoying myself with everyone together. Of course I am disappointed we didn’t get to finish, but we performed very good and I hope we will this year too,” junior and manager Kiana Hawley said.

Jenny Loveland, News Editor

As spring sports begin, NC’s Varsity boys tennis team enters a new season. Despite a strong lineup and hard work, the onset of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic caused the team to lose the opportunity to prove their dedication as last season ended early. The team eagerly awaited a challenging schedule that offered chances of a third straight region championship, an achievement that would have provided recognition of the team’s skills and dedication. Hopes abounded that the team might even reach state.

To the disappointment of players and coaches alike, lockdown ended the team’s season prematurely and the team could not work their way up the brackets and show their prowess.

“COVID hit all spring sports hard, cancelling everyone’s season. It hit tennis hard because individually tennis is year round. Tournaments and practice were cancelled for a while and everyone had to adapt,” senior and Varsity player Ryan Tuchmann said.

This year, despite their major disappointment and other challenges arising from COVID-19, the team members continue to work their hardest to accomplish their goals.

“My expectations for this year is to make it to the region finals… Most of our team is hoping to play harder than any other year to make up for the year we lost. I will be a senior, so I’m going to make this last year as enjoyable and memorable as possible,” Tuchmann said.

However, the team already received a series of hurdles on the path to their goal. Concerns surrounding safety during the pandemic combined with a lower number of experienced players create struggles not faced previously. Despite these challenges, the team strives to maintain a positive outlook towards the upcoming season, building their skills and learning to play together once again.

“Unfortunately our lack of seniors and capable players has overshadowed the team with doubt that they will not do as well this season… The pandemic has forced certain players to avoid any chance with making contact with COVID, which I completely understand. But with tennis practices becoming more frequent, I can tell that the team’s morale begins to increase… and I think that the team with hard work and unwavering willpower can make it to region finals,” junior and varsity player Lorenzo Alarcon said.

Managers and coaches plan to work alongside team members to ensure that the season proceeds safely, implementing new measures to guard against contracting and spreading the COVID-19 virus.

This work has become vital, as Cobb County cases recently surpassed 50,000. Spring sports, including tennis, will proceed, however, with athletes making the best out of this difficult situation.

“My goals for this season [are] mainly to keep the boys healthy and energetic due to COVID. I know it is much harder now, and I just want the boys to reach the best they can under the conditions now. We now do temp checks before games and practice as well as the COVID questions. We now have to implement  social distancing and other things like no food that can be touched. Safety and health is most important,” junior and manager Kiana Hawley said. 

With that in mind, the Warriors hope to start their season off right by opening their season against the Lassiter Trojans on February 1st.