Overnight oat recipes on Tik Tok


Marissa Amorose

Overnight oat recipes have started to gain everybody’s attention on their For You pages. The For You page shows multiple videos that the app will think the person will like based off of videos they liked in the past. Since the videos gained some popularity more people have posted videos of the new and trendy recipes. Some Tik Tokers created more and new flavors for everyone to enjoy.

Marissa Amorose, Reporter

On Tik Tok, an abundance of people have started watching and creating overnight oatmeal recipes. Overnight oats consist of raw oats that soak up liquid, such as any type of milk or water during the night. The process of the oats soaking does the same thing as cooking them, it softens the oats, just without doing all of the extra work that cooking implies. People have participated in this oatmeal trend because the breakfast food does not require culinary skills and does not cost a lot of money. People can add whatever they crave to their oatmeal such as fruit, nuts, and even chocolate. Individuals like Kenziejo Clark make overnight oatmeal recipes and teach others how to assemble them by sharing their recipes on Tik Tok. Her video on strawberry shortcake overnight oats garnered more than one million views.  

Kenziejo created the strawberry shortcake flavored oatmeal by adding  ⅓ oats to a mason jar then adding ½ cup of unsweetened almond milk, a squirt of honey, and a spoonful of sugar free cheesecake mix. As a topping she adds a cup of sliced fresh strawberries. After adding the topping she mixes it and puts it in the fridge. Then in the morning she heats it up and enjoys her breakfast. TikTokers enjoy innovative flavors like chunky monkey, cookie dough, banana, and other delicious flavors.

 “I go on Tik Tok a bunch and look at the overnight oats recipes. The cookie dough recipe is my favorite so far because it had the most flavor out of all the ones I have watched and tried,” said NC freshman Maddy Yuhas

 The chunky monkey flavor consists of ½ a cup oats, two sliced bananas, one tablespoon of any type of chocolate chips, a tablespoon of chia seeds, one tablespoon of peanut butter, and lastly ¾ cup of any kind of milk, in this recipe they used almond milk. Once stirred it goes inside the fridge overnight and ready to enjoy in the morning.

 “On Tik Tok I have become obsessed with the overnight oats because it’s a fast and easy way to make breakfast since I just have to make it the night before and wait until the morning and it’s done,” said NC junior Anahi Gonzalez. 

People such as infants and kids enjoy banana flavored oatmeal and banana oatmeal flavored things, it comes about as one of the most popular flavors created. On Tik Tok, Abbie Wolf made her recipe of banana oatmeal by adding ⅔ cups of rolled oats inside of a tupperware container. Then adding ⅔ a cup of any type of  preferred milk, she added almond milk. Afterwards she adds plenty of cinnamon with a splash of honey. Once mixed she adds sliced banana on top and sticks the oatmeal in the fridge so she can enjoy it in the morning. Other oatmeal flavors on Tik Tok include chocolate, chocolate brownie, blueberry, raspberry, smores, and fruit mixtures such as apples with cinnamon and peanut butter, raspberries with white chocolate, and peanut butter and chocolate flavored inspired by the candy Reeses. 

On Tik Tok different types of food trends from making a nacho layout all the way to overnight oats obtained a significant amount of popularity. The overnight oat trend gained a lot of its popularity very quickly for various reasons. These recipes did not just gain attention because of how delicious they appear, but for how the process of making the dish saves time. Anybody can personalize their own recipe for themselves making it more tasty. These oatmeal recipes present a very easy and simple morning dish to enjoy at home or on the go.