Insomnia cookies combats cookie cravings


Amber Roldan

Insomnia Cookies continues to wow the world with their delicious desserts. The company derived its name from the infamous sleep disorder, insomnia. The bakery stays open until 3 am, providing the perfect late night snack for hungry customers.

Amber Roldan, Features Editor

Kennesaw welcomed Insomnia Cookies to the heart of their beloved city on December 28th of last year. The famous cookie shop resides on Chastain Road across the street from Kennesaw State University. Insomnia Cookies began in 2003, when founder Seth Berkowitz dreamt up the idea of opening a bakery that catered to the inevitable late-night cravings experienced by financially challenged college students.

The mouthwatering scent of delectable cookies greets Kennesaw customers at the doors of Insomnia Cookies. The large menu boasts an assortment of delicious flavors. Unlike cookies sold by competing vendors or cookies purchased from a local grocery store, Insomnia Cookies serves each cookie fresh and warm. With every satisfying bite, Insomnia’s cookies melt in customers’ mouths leaving a fulfilling sensation to last for hours to come. Customers can purchase each cookie for the low price of $1.75. Aside from cookies, Insomnia specializes in customizable cookie cakes and a variety of ice cream flavors. Customers can also purchase a refreshing water or cold milk to combat their thirst to fully experience the happiness created by Insomnia Cookies

“Insomnia provides customers with a better quality dessert than competitors. We serve our cookies warm, they have a distinct flavor and texture only available at Insomnia Cookies,” Insomnia Cookie employee Chance said.

The irresistible flavor of Insomnia Cookies combined with the distinctively grainy texture closely resembles freshly baked, homemade cookies. This memorable taste evokes powerful memories and associations for many of Insomnia’s customers. Loyal Insomnia Cookie customers receive the opportunity to work towards earning free cookies. The Cookie Dough Loyalty Program gifts members with 1 point for every dollar spent at Insomnia. Once a customer accumulates 100 points they receive $10 to spend at any participating Insomnia Cookie location.

While opening a bakery during an unpredictable pandemic poses risks, Insomnia Cookies’ hardworking staff dedicates themselves to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Customers must wear masks to enter Insomnia Cookies, and limited occupancy enforces social distancing regulations. Employees require customers who arrive after Insomnia’s maximum capacity reaches its quota to form a line outside. These safety protocols ensure the safety of both Insomnia Cookie employees and customers. 

 “Working at Insomnia Cookies is so fun! Everyone gets along well, so it’s a really friendly environment. I love my job and getting to make people smile,” Insomnia Cookie employee, Chance said.

Across the country, Insomnia Cookies boasts over 100 locations. Most of these locations appear proximal to college campuses in an effort to combat the cravings of hungry college students.

 College composes the four most pivotal years in one’s life. The word “college” often receives connotations of student debt, sleepless nights, and starvation. Universally, college students uphold a reputable stereotype of lacking adequate financial stability. While this infamous generalization contains some exceptions, it usually proves extremely accurate. College Board reveals that the average annual tuition for a 4-year college constitutes $9,410. This large sum of money allocates minuscule funds for recreation purposes in one’s college years. This explains why many students suffocating under the weight of student loans and debt rely on price accommodating meals including ramen noodles and frozen waffles. Insomnia cookies now provide college students at universities across the country with an affordable option to fulfill their sweet tooth cravings without putting a severe dent in one’s wallet. 

Student debt does not constitute a prerequisite to enjoy Insomnia Cookies. The accommodating flavors and vegan and gluten free options allow people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy Insomnia Cookies. Stop by Insomnia Cookies today and treat yourself to a delicious dessert. The large menu fails to disappoint and will leave you craving more. 

“Insomnia Cookies is my favorite place to grab dessert. I love their ice cream and pairing it with a warm cookie makes a great combo,” junior Lorenzo Alarcon said.