NC opens new invisible hallway near 600’s hall


Peyton Stack

The new 1958 hallway lies between the 600’s hallway and back staircase. Students can enter this magical hall by both running full sprint into it, and exhibiting top notch school spirit. In order to receive a class in this hall, students must write why they think they deserve this privilege. “I hope I can get almost all my classes in the 1958 hall next year. Go Warriors,” NC junior Tatiana Cobos said.

Peyton Stack, Sports Editor

In recent years, the NC campus has received several upgrades to its amenities, such as the newly opened basketball arena and performing arts center. With over 2,900 students and a student population expected to grow in future years, NC principal Matthew Moody announced a new addition to NC’s infrastructure. After careful consideration and a heated Cobb County board meeting, the NC staff reached an agreement and decided to adopt an idea from J.K Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” Almost identical to platform 9 ¾ in the movie, students may now earn their education in a 1958 invisible hall classroom. 

“I’ve tried to enter the hallway a couple of times, but everytime I do I smack straight into the wall. It almost makes me want to take another vacation and try again in another few months. Oh wait, I still have classes to teach,” AP World History teacher Jeffrey Bettis said. 

Located at the meeting point between the 600’s hallway and back staircase, students can only enter by running full speed into the white, cinder block wall. Those who failed to enter, most likely did not run fast enough or lacked the school spirit to enter. This hallway hosts multiple newly founded elective classes such as finance, therapy, farming, and how to become a social media star. The hype around the newly added architecture brings more and more attention to NC and Cobb County in general. 

“At first I didn’t think this hallway was real. I sprinted at it full speed, naruto run and all. I was even screeching. And boom, couldn’t get in. But once I went to a NC baseball game later that night, I got into the hallway easily. I don’t wanna share any specifics about what it was like but, I think everyone should try to get in,“ NC senior Ryan Tuchmann said. 

As the 2020-2021 school year winds down and quickly approaches its end, the NC student body grows more and more excited. Though various people around the local community question how this invisible hallway even exists, the entire school hopes to use its existence to the fullest. For anyone visiting, experts recommend newcomers to wear a protective helmet and bring tons of school spirit. 

“Two of my classes are located in the 1958 hallway, and it’s easily my favorite time of the day. When you get back there, you’ll meet the nicest teachers, cleanest bathrooms, and coolest classrooms. I feel bad for those who can’t visit. For instance, supposedly Coach Bettis is not allowed in because he doesn’t run fast enough. He has tons of school spirit but isn’t the fastest,” NC Magnet junior Tatiana Cobos said. 

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