NC Secretive Sports Cults over the past 20 years


Hannah Luck

As more and more details on NC’s various sports cults become uncovered, the student’s who escaped with both mental and physical damage speak out against the inhumane treatment they experienced. From nonstop volleyball tournaments with no food, water, or bathroom breaks, to physical violence during practice, students express their anguish towards NC cult leaders. “Every day I felt tormented. Do I quit or continue to endure the physical and emotional pain? Finally, I decided to leave. Best decision I’ve ever made,” Only Net member James Courier said.

Hannah Luck, Archives Editor

As the school year comes to a close, NC looks back on its numerous accomplishments in competitive sports. What most do not know about takes place beneath the surface level with the secret cults NC sports teams create to induct their members. From the tennis team’s cult, The Loyal Rackets to volleyball’s Only Net, the progression of NC’s sports teams owes gratitude to its cult rituals.

In 2000, NC’s tennis team created their secret cult The Loyal Rackets enforcing a series of rigorous obstacle courses to weaken potential members before their final tryout. Officials claim the team violates numerous health codes and human rights violations, overworking their members to produce only the elite.

“I remember passing out after my initiation. I thought I was just joining another regular team, but it’s much more than that. I call it a methodical series of training designed for failure. I left after three years barely escaping. I felt violated as a team member and as a human being,” former Loyal Racket Member Lloyd Stetson said.

After revealing the cult in 2005, NC became strict regarding the security during tryouts, practices, and home games for any NC sports team. This however did not stop Athletic Coordinator Coach Bettis from causing both NC’s men’s basketball cult, the Basketballers, and NC’s women’s volleyball cult “Only Net”, to come to fruition in 2011.

Within Only Net, players interested in becoming a teammate suffered three torturous days of playing volleyball with no breaks, food, water, or bathroom. Whoever decided to give in would forfeit their right to try out for the team. Those who made it felt in a world of pain during practice when instead of normal warmups and practice rituals, the team would instead violently fight one another till practice ended. Those who stopped fighting lost their place in the cult and team.

“Only Net, I thought, represented our motto as a team, that we would play the best we could and try to persistently win games getting over the net. This however wasn’t the case. It’s a cult. It’s an evil, ingenious cult dedicated to ridding talented layers of their determination and power in the game,” an anonymous volleyball member said.

Overall, NC’s sports cults engendered deep anguish and deprivation. From the violation of human rights and basic respect to overworking players by violent means, these cults should be exposed with vile consequences for their leaders. Hopefully, conditions improve otherwise serious psychological and physical damage may occur.

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