NC alien invasions over the past 20 yrs


Elijah Pacis

New students to NC will learn to accept the extraterrestrial reality that surrounds NC’s history. The most recent UFO sighting at NC happened on February 24, 2021. During that time, numerous faculty reported Principal Moody’s disappearance from his office over a few minutes’ time. Meanwhile, witnesses and people outside the school noticed the UFO hovering over the front office around the same time.

Elijah Pacis, Reporter

People enjoy aliens in film and within urban legends including Area 51 and the movies of the same name. Only residents of the Kennesaw-Acworth area can attest to the reality of aliens through evidence gathered in local high schools. The first UFO sightings at North Cobb occurred over twenty years ago, in the spring of 1998. Initial observation of alien life on Earth happened numerous times over certain locations at the school, with a high concentration of objects hovering over the football field and the front office. School officials, however,  continually cover up documentation of the sightings to prevent public uproar and to protect certain administrative and teaching personnel.

These sightings typically happen at night time with numerous reports stemming from the hours after football games or soccer matches. On the night of the first official encounter,  at approximately 10:58 pm, several families lingered around the school premises. That same night, local police and sheriff departments would receive multiple calls regarding unidentified flying objects hovering over the school’s football field. Shortly before officials arrived on the scene, the objects disappeared.

“I spotted tiny lifeforms on the ground that at the time our instruments could not identify. It turns out we made a very important discovery for our species. I remember that night clearly,” said Principal Moody.

Some conspiracy theorists argued the possibility that certain individuals on the NC staff participated directly in the sightings. In 2013, a student supposedly ran out of the cafeteria during second period, screaming that she spotted a monster behind one of the food counters. The student later moved away the following year, disappearing from all social media. The administrative staff ran an investigation but abruptly ended the search after numerous staff members began showing signs of mild motion sickness and nausea when inside the cafeteria. 

Fast-forward to the 2020-21 school year, reported cases of UFO sightings decreased drastically,  however staff members remained suspicious  Certain individuals within the school grounds began randomly disappearing from offices and hallways during the school day, only to reappear after school laying in the middle of the football field.

“These really are strange events. It happened to me once right before I was supposed to meet with Principal Moody. I touched the doorknob to his office and I was suddenly lying down outside. I was disoriented, and I had a really bad headache,” said NC’s Assistant Principal David Bell.

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