Taylor Swift joins NC chorus


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Following her feud with Kanye West and her career going downhill, the famous American pop star Taylor Swift decided to join NC chorus in an attempt to save her career from plummeting. NC patiently awaits the pop queen to enhance their little group.

Racheal Oni, Reporter

The famous queen of pop, Taylor Swift, decided to join the NC chorus after the singers’ feud with Kanye West. She made the decision in order to save her career. Swift and the NC community can not wait to see what she brings to the table, in regards to her talent in the chorus.

“We’re so happy Taylor decided to join our chorus group. We are so excited to have her and we think she is a great addition to the group,” sophomore chorus member Carrie McIntosh said.

NC chorus plans to welcome Swift into their group beginning April 1, with their first concert happening at the graduation for the class of 2021. Their set will consist of Swift’s favorite songs, including “Love Story” and “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” a tribute to Kanye… and all of her ex’s. 

“I think Taylor Swift joining the chorus will benefit her career. Honestly, she needs NC chorus at this point, all she’s doing is breaking up with boys and using them for song inspiration,” junior Abigail Frasure said.

Swift joining the NC chorus group caught people by surprise and it brought abundant attraction to the NC chorus, which no one cared about until Swift joined. Some fans even took to social media to express their emotions about Swift joining a high school chorus, fans felt that the talented pop artist should remain solo because she blossoms as a solo artist. And others loved that she joined the chorus, especially the students at NC.

“No one really knew or cared about NC chorus group until Taylor joined, and now that she’s part of the group, I think more eyes will be on it,” junior Chloe Johnson said. 

In conclusion, Taylor knew she needed to do this to keep her career from going downhill, and joining a chorus felt like the best thing to do at the time.  NC chorus members welcomed her and they already feel like family.

“Maybe I will meet some high school boys!” said Swift.

April Fool’s, you fool!


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