Blissful Boxes inspires change throughout community


Courtesy of Kacy Handzel

NC magnet senior, Kacy Handzel leaves her mark on NC through the creation of Blissful Boxes. Handzel juxtaposed generosity with business skills to create her nonprofit charity. Blissful Boxes constitutes a prominent community outreach program aiming to provide women in need with basic hygiene products.

Amber Roldan, Features Editor

Annually, 553,742 Americans suffer from homelessness. In Atlanta alone, 2,000 people sleep on the streets every night. NC magnet senior, Kacy Handzel combats this statistic in her newest endeavor, Blissful Boxes. Handzel created her non-profit charity, Blissful Boxes, to help bring necessities and smiles to underprivileged women through heartfelt personalized hygiene packages. 

Charity and selflessness always held a special place in Handzel’s heart. After volunteering at many organizations and working alongside countless generous souls, Handzel decided to give back to her community by creating a nonprofit charity.

 “After making snack packs for a food bank for an MLK day service project, I realized how much I enjoyed making and personalizing things for others. So, after a little research about the needs of people in my community, I concluded to make hygiene packages for women in need,” Handzel said.

Handzel carefully packages each box with basic hygiene products, prepackaged snacks, menstrual products, and masks. While these ubiquitous products constitute an afterthought for most, underprivileged women often find themselves struggling to maintain healthy hygiene. Handzel’s community outreach through Blissful Boxes brings the female population of Atlanta one step closer to reaching equality

As a nonprofit organization, Blissful Boxes relies on donations from generous supporters. Each box costs roughly $6.00 to stuff and assemble. In merely two months since its creation, Blissful Boxes received over 800 period products and raised more than $1,500. A surplus of donations allowed Blissful Boxes to produce and deliver over 150 personalized packages. Handzel always welcomes donations and appreciates each one received. NC students can join Blissful Boxes’ mission to “make a difference” by donating requested items to Handzel’s decorated donation bin in NC’s main cafeteria during all lunch periods. Additionally, online donations can be made through Handzel’s Amazon wishlist and spotfund.

“It’s very important to me that these boxes don’t feel like rations. Even though the boxes consist of products like toothbrushes, combs, shampoo, soap, and feminine products, I want each woman to feel like their package is unique and special. I hand make these boxes and want each recipient to feel the love, support, and thought put into every box,” Handzel said.

Handzel joined forces with numerous local homeless shelters to distribute her boxes while combating homelessness and inspiring change throughout her community. Handzel donates boxes to the Covenant House, The Center for Children and Young Adults, Good Neighbor, and LifeSAFE Resources.

Outside of her nonprofit charity, Handzel seamlessly juggles academic rigor as a magnet student and athletic endeavors as a varsity lacrosse player. After graduation Handzel will travel to Ohio to attend the liberal arts college of Wooster where she will pursue a lacrosse career.

“I plan on continuing this project by taking it with me to college in Ohio. I’d like to be able to reach and impact people in need across multiple cities in the surrounding area. I may work on delivering packages in the Atlanta area when I visit home but I hope to inspire others to pick up what I leave behind,” Handzel said.

As her final months at NC approach, Handzel continues to follow her heart and refine her passion as she diligently serves her community. Handzel creates an inspirational legacy as she tackles homelessness statistics head-on by personally assembling and delivering hygiene packages to women in need. 

“It’s always important to donate and help your community, but it’s especially important now. Rates of homelessness have increased amongst all groups due to job loss. and quarantine caused rates of at-home domestic abuse towards women to increase. It’s never been more crucial to lend a helping hand. Kindness is essential,” Handzel said.