Baseball head coach Tom Callahan scores 250th win


Jenny Loveland

Through his interactions with the players he coaches, Callahan has shared his knowledge of baseball, helping them improve their skills while fostering a constructive team atmosphere. “I’ve been on varsity since my sophomore year. I’ve learned how to be persistent and what will work to win games. I like how he is very close to our team and doesn’t act like he is greater than the players,” senior varsity baseball player Tyler Gorsuch said.

Jenny Loveland, News Editor

With twenty five years of coaching experience, baseball Head Coach Tom Callahan brings decades of dedication onto NC’s baseball fields each year. Callahan recently cemented his legacy when he earned his 250th boys varsity win as a coach. With a challenging beginning to the season, the win boosted the team’s morale.

“We weren’t playing real well at that point in the season so I was just happy to get a win regardless of what number it was. While winning and losing remain important, I have started to realize the process and the growth that comes with working hard for something are the lasting lessons I want my players to take with them when they graduate,” Callahan said.

While Callahan has coached at NC for twenty four of his twenty five year coaching career, sixteen of those years have been spent as the head coach. Throughout this period of his coaching career, Callahan has taken his team to the state playoffs eleven out of the fourteen possible times. COVID-19 unfortunately cancelled last year’s playoffs and this season’s playoffs for this season have yet to occur. He has also watched sixty of his players go on to play baseball in college. 

Beyond these numerical milestones, Callahan has worked to instill a pattern of admirable character traits in his players. Throughout their high school baseball careers, Callahan strives to help them grow, whether or not the players choose to continue playing baseball after graduation.

“[A highlight is] seeing a player go from [a] skinny, unsure 14 year old to confident and mature young man [and gain the] competition and camaraderie that comes with teamwork,” Callahan said.

Baseball has held a central spot in Callahan’s life since he began playing at the age of five or six, inciting a passion that endures to this day. Through coaching, Callahan has found a way to help others who share the same love for the sport improve their skills, while cherishing the opportunity to continue his own involvement in the game.

“[I] have always loved the game. I think, as a kid, the connection it gave me with my dad probably was one of the main reasons I enjoyed it so much. In college, I was not really sure what I was going to do for a career and had a job umpiring little league baseball.  All the good memories I had as a kid being around the game helped convince me teaching and coaching was the right career path,” Callahan said.

Players and fellow coaches appreciate the effort and dedication that Callahan pays his responsibilities as a coach, as well as the respect that he pays them. Over the years as he has led NC’s baseball team, Callahan has cultivated a coaching style where he values the input of his players and assistant coaches, continuing to build lasting connections through the sport.

“He really trusts in his assistant coaches. When we approach practices and game situations, he is always looking to maximize each opportunity presented and he values everyone’s vision. He just flat out cares about the game. Knowing him for so long and having discussions about playing, coaching, and major league baseball history, he becomes so passionate about any baseball discussion,” assistant coach Michael Turchan said.

With the rest of the season still to come, Callahan continues to coach his players so that they can fulfil their potential, both as part of the team and individually. Although 250 wins marks a significant milestone, Callahan’s dedication to his team promises much more to come.