2000s Fashion Making a Comeback


Courtesy of Vogue

Every 20 years fashion trends seem to repeat. Trends from the early 2000s up until 2020 led up to modern fashion in 2021. Each trend brings a little bit of nostalgia to the wearer.

Ren Lloyd, Reporter

It appears that every 20 years fashion trends repeat. Popular trends such as baggy jeans and halter tops have become much more prevalent in the past two years. Y2K fashion combines both futuristic and retro fashion to create an overall unique look.

Velour tracksuits made a major comeback this year and not just the original Juicy Couture velvet ones. Celebrities from Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian to Brittney Spears and Beyonce displayed this comfy, iconic look of the early 2000s and the trend continues to thrive modern day. Baguette bags and hair accessories such as butterfly clips and fuzzy bucket hats made a comeback as well. These unique yet simplistic accessories complete the perfect Y2K look. 

Looking at 2021, the 2000s trend of baby tees and cropped cardigans went back in style. The tight, slightly cropped tee shows off only a sliver of the waist giving the early 2000s Destiny’s Child look. Cropped cardigans make a great addition to both spring and fall fashion, adding a cozy, retro touch to your outfit.  People also added a more modern touch to this trend by wearing the cardigan on its own or partly buttoning it. Low rise jeans definitely came back into style in the past year and a half. Low rise jeans pair great with a graphic tee to achieve the early 2000s Brittney Spears look. 

However, 2010 and 2015 trends went out of style as well. Fashion accessories such as chokers wore out their welcome by the end of the 2000s decade. The harem pants trend made popular in the ’90s by music personality M.C Hammer became less fashionable by the end of the decade as well. In 2015, trends such as the “70s revival” gained popularity. This trend once again proved the 20 year fashion cycle, but fortunately, the outdated trend did not last long. 

“I feel that the fashion industry definitely repeats itself and everything is a cycle. Because I was born in the early 2000s, this is my first time wearing the clothes, so I really like it. I think it will definitely fade away by next year and something else is going to go in style,” said Magnet sophomore Erinn Gardner

A plethora of 2020 trends also carried into this year. The 19th century inspired Victorian sleeves look adorable in the spring and summer. The 90’s trend of pairing feminine dresses with chunky boots took over the runway in 2020. This look creates a perfect mix between grunge and elegance.

Fashion accessories such as bucket-style purses and oversized gold chain necklaces took over 2020 as well. Originally created by Louis Vuitton to preserve champagne, bucket purses became a worldwide fashion trend. The oversized gold chain adds a classy touch to any outfit no matter what occasion. 

The 20 year fashion cycle proves true and 2000s fashion will definitely thrive in 2021. The nostalgic trend gives many people the opportunity to reminisce on the 90s and early 2000s. Perhaps people think of this recurring trend as a way to cope with the seemingly everlasting pandemic.