2021 concerts comeback


Courtesy of Today

In 2020, when Covid hit, organizations such as concerts shut down, the form of live entertainment that people loved became no longer in service. The government now administered a vaccine in hopes that it prevents Covid and with more people taking the vaccine they hope to bring back live entertainment and return to life as we knew it.

Racheal Oni, Reporter

 COVID-19 brought concerts, global live music, and tours to a halt; given that the live entertainment industry closed first, it will certainly reopen last. Meanwhile, promoters and booking agents lost their jobs, clubs closed, musicians lost one of their most consistent sources of revenue, and thousands of tour crew members remain unemployed.

The concert business relies on fans to spark the restart of live entertainment this summer and fall after a long excruciating pause. Concerts will resume once everyone trusts the vaccine. People love to gather and share a musical evening with a group of happy people. A way of life they will never tire of.

Concerts run on a contract basis, with employees moving from gig to gig and tour to tour. However, without live shows, stagehands, lighting and sound technicians, ticket takers, and ushers resorted to working in other capacities. with COVID-19 still raging around the world and the vaccine rollout slower than anticipated, resulting in delayed and rescheduled shows.

“I miss going out to concerts with my friends, I miss the live bass, the loud screams of equally excited fans waiting for their favorite artist to perform. Hopefully, things get back to normal and everyone gets vaccinated so life can return to normal as we know it,” junior Abigail Frasure said.

Billboard made a list of 2021 tours and festivals that canceled or postponed their events due to the ongoing global health crisis. Festivals like Coachella originally planned to return in April after canceling the 2020 festival but due to the slow vaccine rollout, they announced the festival off on January 29 this year as well with no new dates announced. Artists like Halsey, Josh Groban, Taylor Swift, and Thom Yorke also canceled their once postponed concerts and tours due to the still-raging pandemic. 

 Looking forward to performing in the near future, artists encourage their fans to remain patient and follow social guidelines in hopes of reducing the virus, and hopefully, before the end of the year concerts return and the people can return to the normal live entertainment schedule.