FDA takes a shot with the vaccine


Pavlo Gonchar

The Covid-19 vaccine will supposedly save numerous lives, as the population integrates back into normality. However, people have doubts about receiving the vaccine, considering that it came out less than a year ago. Not only will FDA approval officiate it, but it could possibly encourage people to receive the vaccine.

Erinn Gardner, Reporter

The Coronavirus significantly modified daily life in 2020, and although scientists created a potential solution, vaccination constitutes one of the most controversial and sensitive subjects in today’s world. The recent advent of the COVID-19 vaccine affects Americans in numerous ways. A multitude of people considers the creation of this vaccine heaven sent, while others refuse to consider receiving the vaccine. People opposing the vaccine conjure up conspiracy theories against it, while others simply prefer to receive vaccination once the shot accertains its FDA approval. Several of these conspiracies include microchips in the vaccine, lack of effectiveness, and possible infertility. Additionally, most individual’s desire to receive the vaccine likely roots in how Covid affects them personally.

Multiple students at NC explained how the pandemic affects them at school, specifically with the Delta variant now emerging. Junior magnet student Mya Connor states that she personally does not feel safe at school due to the amount of unmasked and unvaccinated individuals. 

“Covid affects my life because I constantly feel paranoid. I wear my mask, wash my hands, and I’m vaccinated but I never feel 100% safe at school unless I’m outdoors and no one is around. I’m overly cautious and worried that I’m walking around with a disease or possibly affecting another, and I’ve never had to live in fear like that before” said Connor. 

Although a substantial amount of minds may not change, FDA approval will potentially convince others to receive the vaccine. Full FDA approval provides a significant step forward in building vaccination confidence among those concerned about vaccine safety. Fortunately, the FDA will likely approve the vaccine in the upcoming months. Pfizer and Moderna started their rolling proposal for approval in the FDA’s “Fast Track” process, aimed to expedite the review process. This enables businesses to send elements of their approval application to the FDA for consideration.

Cobb Virtual Academy junior Chloe Reaves claims that FDA approval will give people peace of mind when contemplating receiving the vaccine. However, it will not persuade people with strong beliefs about not receiving the vaccine.

“I feel that the FDA’s approval would encourage more to get the vaccine just because people will have the sense of knowing that it’s been tested and approved correctly by a major health organization,” said Reaves.