Billie Eilish and her pursuit of happiness 


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Billie Eilish stuns fans in her new sophomore album, “Happier Than Ever”. Its summer release came with critic raves and Spotify and Billboard records. The second album’s contrasting sound and new look proves to be a new era for the singer.

Nyah Peace, Reporter

3 weeks ago, 7-time Grammy winner, Billie Eilish, dropped her highly anticipated sophomore album, “Happier Than Ever”, which currently holds the number 1 spot on Billboard 200. Additionally, her lead single, sharing the album’s name, debuted at number eleven in its first week on the Hot 100. Despite recent controversy, Eilish emerged to deliver an album exploring a variety of genres and vocal scales.

Fans commonly recognize Eilish’s sound by her husky alto range, paired with heavily emotional lyrics that embody her struggles with depression and anxiety. In contrast to previous projects, this soft and timeless album illustrates Eilish’s life, representing her growth from heartbreak into self-assurance.

“I know supposedly I’m lonely now/ Know I’m supposed to be unhappy without someone/ But aren’t I someone?” Eilish said.

Throughout the album, the 19-year-old songstress reinforces the theme of taking her power back with vivace beats including “I Didn’t Change My Number”, making it blatantly clear that she prioritizes herself over replying to others. Similarly, she uses the song “Lost Cause”, to emphasize her independence.

The expansion of Eilish’s sound also includes vocals like ones in “GOLDWING”, which features her voice as an angelic harmony, and fans may assume that the songstress continues to grow confident in her talents. Building upon this self-assurance, Eilish also embraces her smooth vocals to unravel the beauty and uncertainty of love in slow ballads, such as “Halley’s Comet” and “Male Fantasy”. 

“I think her new sound is softer than her other albums, it’s so different.” NC junior Ava Green said. 

Within the artist’s experiments, Eilish acknowledges her roots with songs such as “NDA” and “Oxytocin”, both taking the dark smoothness of her original famous signatures. Mixing both new and old styles, the album authentically recognizes Eilish’s mental-health battle while still remaining positive. This willingness to explore beyond her comfort zone delivered an album expanding genres and octaves.

“Happier Than Ever” prompts praise from fans across the U.S, including recognition in large newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal. This well received change in Eilish’s tone, resulting in a large release-week response, opened a new era for the 19 year old artist. As made clear in songs such as “Getting Older”, Eilish will continue to strive for self love and peace throughout tribulations. 

“I’m happier than ever, at least that’s my endeavor/ To keep myself together and prioritize my pleasure”, Eilish said