NC’s Greenhouse Gang blooms into a new school year


Sue Aughey

The Greenhouse Gang, an extracurricular club at NC, teaches students how to do different things with various types of plants. In this club, people should not fear getting dirty while participating in fun activities. Anyone with a green thumb would absolutely love the club

Marissa Amorose, Reporter

At NC, teachers and students sponsor different types of clubs depending on their passions and interests. NC boasts clubs including HoPe, Beta, Rally, and many others. NC science teacher Susan Aughey leads NC’s Greenhouse Gang club. Aughey does not sponsor the club alone; special needs teacher Martha Figg serves as her co-sponsor. NC senior Kilani Douglas and junior Mia Courtney sit as co-presidents of the club. GHG members have fun while acquiring multiple skills, such as learning how to sow seeds of various plants while mastering the best growing methods for individual seedlings. Members also learn techniques including hydroponics, planting succulents, and hanging beautiful basket arrangements. 

“If you join the Greenhouse Gang I hope you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, because you sure will with the fun-packed activities in our club,” Aughey said.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the beloved club experienced inevitable complications and hardships. Activities such as introducing each other presented a challenge because of COVID-19 protocols such as social distancing and mask guidelines. The GHG stayed safe and COVID-free by ensuring the enforcement of the various guidelines. 

All GHG members enjoy and appreciate the different aspects that take place in the club. Aughey leads several enriching activities such as incognito bulb bombing. This involves watching the evolution of the greenhouse transform from bare to full bloom. Although passionate about all activities, Aughey favors learning new information about the GHG members and watching them find their niche. Aughey, along with the other sponsors, absolutely love watching the growth of not only plants but new friendships too. The members and sponsors maintain one mission: by the time the school and growing season ends, the students grow as they give back to our school and community. 

“I have always wanted to join the Greenhouse Gang with Mrs. Aughey because ever since I was little, I loved getting a little dirty while gardening and planting with my parents and siblings. It has always given me the joy to do things like watch plants grow, especially with the people I care about the most,” NC sophomore Ryan Vickers said.

The GHG members meet every Wednesday at 3:45 in Aughey’s classroom 417. After initial greeting exchanges, the members transition into the meeting in NC’s greenhouse. On August 25th, a new member meeting took place, however, anyone who still wants to join can still attend every Wednesday. Sponsors hope to see new students join the GHG and start planting away.