NC makes an impressive first impression at One Act


Courtesy of Aimee Roldan

Enthusiasm and applause filled Harrison High School’s Performing Arts Center on Saturday as the home of the Hoyas hosted the annual One-Act competition. Saturday’s competition allowed actors and actresses from five different local schools to bond over a common love of theatre. “My first One-act was so memorable because of how much fun we had. I loved being with my friends and watching amazing shows, as well as getting on stage and doing what we love. One-Act was so much fun and something I will never forget,” sophomore Savannah Tighe said.

Amber Roldan, Editor-In-Chief

Every October, thespians around the county unite to compete in the annual regional One-Act competition. The 2021-2022 One-Act competition took place on Saturday, October 23rd at Harrison Highschool. The beloved home of the Harrison Hoyas eagerly opened the doors of their newly renovated Performing Arts Center early Saturday morning as they welcomed four competing theater troupes. Alongside Harrison’s theater program, NC competed against Marietta, North Paulding, and Hillgrove theater troupes.

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented last year’s One-Act competition from occurring. Anticipation for this year’s competition skyrocketed after last year’s unfortunate hiatus. Cast and crew members from all competing schools exuded exciting, palpable energy all day Saturday. Due to the ongoing pandemic, all performances remained closed to the public and all schools complied with a strict mask requirement. Although friends and family members could not view Saturday’s performances, the auditorium remained full as competing schools supported each other’s performances.

“After doing mostly virtual shows last year, being able to actually have a full cast has been amazing. We’ve all spent so much time bonding and getting to know each other already, and a lot of people missed out on that last year. Performing is a big factor of theatre, but actually being able to be in the theater and have a family there is the best part to me,” senior Aleisha Innocent said.

All five competing schools prepared a one-act performance to perform in the highly anticipated competition. While every show varied in genre and plot, each school was required to meet the same parameter: a 55-minute time restraint. Judged by a qualified panel, judges critiqued each show based on performance quality, set design, and overall execution. 

After over two months of rehearsing, NC performed Jackie Martin’s recently published play, Impressions. With only eight roles, the close-knit cast brought to life a story that emphasized the importance and hypocrisy behind first impressions. Set in an art gallery, actors dressed in floor-length ball gowns and suits as they performed in front of a collection of abstract art pieces submitted by a variety of NC students.

“I honestly did not think it was such a big deal to be the only freshman competing but now I realize that it’s an amazing opportunity. It’s so crazy to think about it, I’m 14 competing with mostly seniors and juniors. I got to connect with so many people and I absolutely adored it. I really loved it and I would love to do it again next year,” magnet freshman Olivia Doucette said”.

Harrison’s performance of the tragic drama: Dirt, won first place on Saturday. North Paulding’s production of Tracks followed, winning second place; and Marietta’s production of Noises Off rounded off the leaderboard with a third-place win. Despite not placing, NC did not return home empty-handed. 

Lead actors and seniors Aleshia Innocent and Jonathan Beckman both took home certificates for their award-winning performances. Out of five competing schools, Aleshia Innocent won the award for the best supporting actor in a female role. Recognized for his outstanding performance playing an oddball, Jonathan Beckman won an All-Star Cast award.
(Amber Roldan)

Although NC did not take home a trophy Saturday afternoon, cast and crew members alike took home priceless memories that will last a lifetime. 

“Honestly I didn’t see winning an award coming. This was my first One-Act acting on stage so it was quite nerve-wracking to say the least. By the time we got to perform I was so excited to show everyone what our cast and crew had worked so hard on. I would say we quite literally put blood, sweat, and tears into making our show what it was in the end. Winning the award was an accomplishment in itself, but the experience alone with everyone in theatre, meant so much more and will always be memorable,” Innocent said.