Scream 5: the return of Ghostface


Ren Lloyd

Now showing in theaters, “Scream” 2022 kicks off this year for the horror movie genre. Viewers can expect to see characters from the original “Scream” as well as new additions to the crew. It might even become fans’ favorite scary movie.

Ren Lloyd

On Jan. 14 the new “Scream” horror movie made its way to theaters. Although this movie may seem like a part of the never-ending stream of “Scream” sequels, it instead reboots the original movie and shows a different perspective. Nevertheless, this newer rendition of “Scream” takes an exciting spin on the last four movies and reintroduces characters from the previous ones as well. 

The movie begins similarly to the original in which the main character, Tara Carpenter, receives continuous calls from the potential killer, Ghostface. Eventually, Ghostface shows up and attempts to murder the main character. Although this particular scene puts the cherry on top of every “Scream” movie, the actress in “Scream” 2022 definitely added the x-factor. Jenna Ortega, the actress for the main character, Tara, brought her character to life as her acting skills paired wonderfully with the slasher theme. 

With Ghostface back in Woodsboro for the fifth time, “Scream” brings back a slew of members of the old cast such as Neve Campbell as Sydney Prescott, Courtney Cox as Gale Weathers, David Arquette as Dewey Riley, and Skeet Ulrich as the original antagonist, Billy Loomis. New characters such as Sam Carpenter, Tara Carpenter, Richie Kirsch, and a group of five friends add to the list of characters. Although she did not star in the original, viewers can also expect to see the sheriff from “Scream 4”.

“There are certain rules to surviving. Believe me, I know. They always come back,” Dewey Riley in “Scream” 2022 said.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, “Scream” received a 76% on the Tomatometer, the highest percentage since “Scream 2” in 1997. It also received an audience score of 83%. In other words, “Scream” 2022 became a huge hit over the last week. “Scream” earned 30 million dollars three days after its release date and that number grew to 34 million four days after that. “Scream” 2022 even removed “Spiderman: No Way Home” from its four weeks stay at the top of the box office. 

“I am not fond of reboots. They typically have not been as good as the originals. It is less creative than writing original stories. It’s like Hollywood is running out of ideas,” AP U.S History Teacher Tamara Rankenburg said. 

For the die-hard “Scream” fans, this movie certainly does not compare to the original. The characters, acting, and technology look more modernized and the fifth movie of any franchise rarely beats the first. However, with the returning of old characters and consistent jumpscares, “Scream” 2022 will not disappoint for its appeal to both the younger community who found out about the franchise in recent years, as well as veteran filmgoers who can reminisce about the first time the screamed!

Chant Rating: B+